2015 MLB World Series Odds

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The World Series, also commonly known as the "Fall Classic" is the culmination of the Major League Baseball playoffs. The winners from the American League Championship Series (ALCS) and National League Championship Series (NLCS) square off in a best of 7 series. The home field advantage for the World Series is determined by the league that wins the MLB All-Star Game. This year the World Series will start on October 27th.

The World Series (a.k.a. October Classic, The Series) first appeared in 1903 in a match between the Boston Americans (now Red Sox) from the American League and the Pittsburgh Pirates of the National League. The Sox won the series five games to three, giving credibility to the American League (The American League was a newly founded division). The following year, the Red Sox once more made the Series but opponents New York Giants refused to play on grounds that the American League was inferior and that there were no formalized rules for the championship. Quick to respond, the MLB instituted the new World Series in 1905 as a permanent fixture. The leagues would meet annually in a series of games for the professional baseball championship of the world.

The Fall Classic boasts an incredible history and for decades was the only time that the American League ever squared off against the National League. Of course that has changed now with inter-league play, but the World Series is still a truly unique sporting event that every fan should experience at least once. If this year’s World Series is anything like the regular season, then we are in for another instant classic.

2015 World Series betting lines is just the beginning, with Sportbet sportsbook World Series baseball information and MLB betting help, you can enjoy your baseball betting more then ever and increase your chances of being successful. The best of seven playoff games will be played to determined the winner of the 2015 World Series Championship. The series will be broadcasted on Fox.

For as much as some fans and media like to say that only big market teams have a chance to win the World Series, the results on the field in recent years have proven otherwise. Over the past decade, eight different teams have won the World Series, and although the Yankees and Red Sox are among those, so are the San Francisco Giants, Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Who will it be this year? Click here for Predictions

World Series Schedules

Game Matchup Date Time TV
1 NL Champion @ Al Champion Oct. 27 TBD at TBD FOX
2 NL Champion @ Al Champion Oct. 28 TBD at TBD FOX
3 NL Champion @ Al Champion Oct. 29 TBD at TBD FOX
4 NL Champion @ Al Champion Oct. 30 TBD at TBD FOX
5* NL Champion @ Al Champion Oct. 31 TBD at TBD FOX
6* NL Champion @ Al Champion Nov. 1 TBD at TBD FOX
7* NL Champion @ Al Champion Nov. 3 TBD at TBD FOX
8* NL Champion @ Al Champion Nov. 4 TBD at TBD FOX

2015 World Series Results

Game  Date  Score  Location  Time 
1 October 27-28  New York Mets – 4, Kansas City Royals – 5 (14)  Kauffman Stadium  5:09
2 28-Oct New York Mets – 1, Kansas City Royals – 7  Kauffman Stadium  2:54
3 30-Oct Kansas City Royals – 3, New York Mets – 9  Citi Field  3:22
4 31-Oct Kansas City Royals – 5, New York Mets – 3  Citi Field  3:29
5 November 1-2  Kansas City Royals – 7, New York Mets – 2 (12)  Citi Field  4:15


2014 World Series Results

Game Date Score Location Time
1 21-Oct San Francisco Giants – 7, Kansas City Royals – 1 Kauffman Stadium 3:32
2 22-Oct San Francisco Giants – 2, Kansas City Royals – 7 Kauffman Stadium 3:25
3 24-Oct Kansas City Royals – 3, San Francisco Giants – 2 AT&T Park 3:15
4 25-Oct Kansas City Royals – 4, San Francisco Giants – 11 AT&T Park 4:00
5 26-Oct Kansas City Royals – 0, San Francisco Giants – 5 AT&T Park 3:09
6 28-Oct San Francisco Giants – 0, Kansas City Royals – 10 Kauffman Stadium 3:21
7 29-Oct San Francisco Giants – 3, Kansas City Royals – 2 Kauffman Stadium 3:10


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