2016 Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup Results

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The Stanley Cup is commonly referred to as simply "The Cup", "The Holy Grail" or facetiously (chiefly by sportswriters) as "Lord Stanley's Mug". It is one of the most-recognized symbols in North American sports and is at the center of several legends and superstitions.

Unlike the trophies awarded by the NFL, NBA and MLB, a new Stanley Cup is never made annually; the Cup winners only keep it until the new champion is crowned. It is also the only trophy in professional sports that has the name of the winning players, coaches, management, and club staff engraved upon it.

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For the first 6 years of its existence, the cup was awarded to the team with the best record at the end of the season, but with a four way tie occurring in late 1894, the first Stanley Cup Playoffs occurred.

Today's Stanley cup Playoffs format

Best-of-7 format is used in all stage of playoffs. Home-ice advantage is given to the higher seed in all rounds except the first, when all division winners are assured a seed no lower than three.

Home-ice advantage for the Stanley Cup Finals is determined by points. The team with home-ice advantage is at home for Games 1, 2, 5 and 7 and on the road for games 3, 4 and 6.

NHL tie-breaking procedure

If two or more clubs are tied in points at the end of the regular season, the standing of the clubs in each Conference will be determined in the following order:

  • The greater number of games won.
  • B. The greater number of points earned in games between the tied clubs. If two clubs are tied, and have not played an equal number of home games against -each other, points earned in the first game played in the city that had the extra game shall not be included. If more than two clubs are tied, the higher percentage of available points earned in games among those clubs, and not including any "odd" games, shall be used to determine the standing.
  • C. The greater differential between goals for and against for the entire regular season.

The NHL Lockout during the 2004-2005 season created many rule changes above the ice and the gambler was affected by one of those changes. The elimination of ties and the new shootout format to decide games has thus ended the point spread in hockey and instead created the moneyline. Hockey is now like baseball, where you just have to win the game and do not have to worry about covering a spread.

2015 Stanley Cup Results

The 2014 Stanley Cup has come to an end with the victory of Los Angeles Kings over the New York Rangers with a series score of 4-1. This was the third playoff meeting for these two teams, with the Rangers having won both of their previous playoff series against the Kings.

League Playoff Series

Stanley Cup Final 4 - 2 Chicago Blackhawks over Tampa Bay Lightning
Conference Finals 4 - 3 Tampa Bay Lightning over New York Rangers
Conference Finals 4 - 3 Chicago Blackhawks over Anaheim Ducks
Second Round 4 - 2 Tampa Bay Lightning over Montreal Canadiens
Second Round 4 - 3 New York Ranquers over Washington Capitals
Second Round 4 - 1 Anaheim Ducks over Calgary Flames
Second Round 4 - 0 Chicago Blackhawks over Minnesota Wild
First Round 4 - 3 Washington Capitals over New York Islanders
First Round 4 - 1 New York Ranquers over Pittsburgh Penguins
First Round 4 - 3 Tampa Bay Lightning over Detroit Red Wings
First Round 4 - 2 Montreal Canadiens over Ottawa Senators
First Round 4 - 0 Calgary Flames over Vancouver Canucks
First Round 4 - 2 Anaheim Ducks over Winnipeq Jets
First Round 4 - 2 Chicago Blackhawks over Nashville Predators
First Round 4 - 2 Minnesota Wild over St. Louis Blues

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