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Ready for the 2015-2016 football betting season and free NFL week 17 predictions. It will be another exciting NFL football betting season and nothing is more important than winning money with free expert NFL picks! Be sure to check out our NFL predictions each and every week at Sportbet Sportsbook.

Date Time Road Team Home Team
3-Jan 1 p.m. New York Jets Buffalo Bills
3-Jan 1 p.m. New England Patriots Miami Dolphins
3-Jan 1 p.m. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Carolina Panthers
3-Jan 1 p.m. New Orleans Saints Atlanta Falcons
3-Jan 1 p.m. Baltimore Ravens Cincinnati Bengals
3-Jan 1 p.m. Pittsburgh Steelers Cleveland Browns
3-Jan 1 p.m. Jacksonville Jaguars Houston Texans
3-Jan 1 p.m. Tennessee Titans Indianapolis Colts
3-Jan 1 p.m. Oakland Raiders Kansas City Chiefs
3-Jan 1 p.m. Washington Dallas Cowboys
3-Jan 1 p.m. Philadelphia Eagles New York Giants
3-Jan 1 p.m. Detroit Lions Chicago Bears
3-Jan 1 p.m. Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers
3-Jan 4:25 p.m. San Diego Chargers Denver Broncos
3-Jan 4:25 p.m. Seattle Seahawks Arizona Cardinals
3-Jan 4:25 p.m. St. Louis Rams San Francisco 49ers


NFL Week 17 betting picks and odds. It is Tuesday and the lines for Week 17 of the NFL are out. This is a list of the best NFL Week 17 odds. Week 17 football predictions are out and lines on the board that look to offer the most value based on the teams playing, where the game is and other factors.

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