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Horse Betting in the Sportsbook

Horse Racing fixed odds are available in our sportsbook.  For specific Horse Racing rules refer for each of our racebooks.

Past-posting is considered stealing and will be dealt with in the harshest manner possible. A player will never benefit from betting on events with time errors.

All horses involved in a horse racing proposition must run for action.

Propositions bets for Finishing Position have an over/under format.  For finishing position bets on totals of 4½, if the horse finishes 5th, bets posted on the OVER will be graded as winners.

A "horse vs horse" match-up may have a position handicap. If the number is positive (+), then you subtract that number of positions from that horse's finishing position. If the number is negative (-), then add that number of positions to that horse's finishing position. The horse with the lower finishing position after the handicap is applied is the winner.

Kentucky Derby and Oaks Futures Wagers

The Kentucky Derby and Oaks Future Wager are pari-mutuel wagers offered by Churchill Downs that allow wagering early on prospective entrants in Kentucky Derby 139, and the Kentucky Oaks.

Kentucky Derby Future Wager and the Kentucky Oaks Future Wager offer win and exacta wagering.

The payout on the winning wagers in each pool will be determined by the final odds at the time of closing the pool.

No refunds will be issued in any of the wagering pools regardless if there are non-starters.

The price/moneyline listed is an opening price to be used as a guide only. The “$2 Will Pay” is used for payout purposes.

All runners in the Mutuel Field of the "Futures Exacta" will be treated as a "Coupled Entry" for the purposes of determining winning tickets and payouts, i.e. If the race finishes 24/24/5, (24 being "All other horses") the grading of the exacta will be 24/5.

In the event the Kentucky Derby is not run or does not produce an official winner, all the future wagers in the Kentucky Derby will be NO ACTION and stakes refunded.

For any scenario not covered here, official track rules and policies will apply.

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