The regular season has just began and the anticipation of the march madness tournament is always welcome. The match-ups that are coming are going to be very exciting this year, as they have been for the last past decade. It could be your year to find that one team that could make you a ton of cash. You can ride that one team all the way to the finals or try and bet on several other interesting games. With so many games coming up, the chances to win can seem never-ending, so get into the NCAA college Basketball betting Frenzy today with Sportbet

College Basketball betting and Las Vegas Oddsmaker

By offering college basketball odds and point spreads, Las Vegas' oddsmakers have an amazing amount of control over who bets what amount, and at what point in time they bet that amount, thus enabling them to keep the action divided in half.

However, before oddsmakers can even begin to make adjustments to a particular betting line to keep action divided in half, they must choose a starting point or "opening Vegas line" for the game. If an opening line doesn't draw even action, the sooner the line can be adjusted to draw even action, the more juice Vegas can guarantee for itself.

Therefore, you can see that Las Vegas' oddsmakers would be very interested in knowing what specific college basketball point spread or odds line number would draw even betting action for a given game before having to release an opening line for that game to the public.

The oddsmakers' greatest strength for dividing betting action is based on the obvious fact that most sports bettors make their betting decisions by relying on information they have collected about the matchup. As a result, Vegas' oddsmakers have developed techniques that allow them to measure the level of information prospective sports bettors know about a given game before having to create and to release the opening line for that game.

College Basketball First Half Betting

Books offer first half betting for the simple purpose of increasing handle. The more you bet, the more (hopefully) the book earns.

There is not much secret in how First Half lines are derived, it is generally just the point spread for the game cut in half with a half point to full point adjustment against the favorite.

It is very easy to find a team’s total points for and against for the season as a total. Sportbet Sportsbook and major sports website provides this readily. What is tougher to find is a team’s points for and against broken out by first half and second half.

Remember that a team is playing the same opponent in both half’s of every game so even great and horrible teams will have a stronger half.

Some teams get off to a quick start but fade while others start slowly but finish strong. When you compare two teams that are playing each other and see that one plays better in the first half and their opponent plays better in the second half, there may be an opportunity to exploit the weakness of the first half pointspread. This is by no means a system, but it is definitely something you can easily do in a few minutes every week.

Free 2014 College Basketball Picks

Get the best free online NCAA and College Basketball picks and detailed statistical hoops game match up analysis. Get live college basketball betting odds from one of the best sportsbooks on the net. So check back here daily during ncaa hoops season for all the picks and predictions you can handle. Whether or not you should bet the moneyline or make a bet with or against the NCAAB spread.

Do you feel like it's a lot of hard work and very difficult to pick winners against the point spreads? Click here for more College NCAA Predictions

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Division I: College Basketball Championships
The NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship, commonly known as "March Madness" or the Big Dance, is held each year to determine the NCAA Division I college basketball champion in the United States.

2000 - Michigan State
2001 - Duke
2002 - Maryland
2003 - Syracuse
2004 - Connecticut

2005 - North Carolina
2006 - Florida

2007 - Florida
2008 - Kansas
2009 - North Carolina
2010 - Duke
2011 - Connecticut
2012 - Kentuky
2013 - Louisville
2014 -

The NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Committee announced the Final Four host cities for 2014 through 2016.

  • 2014: Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas (April 5 and 7)
  • 2015: Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana (April 4 and 6)
  • 2016: Reliant Stadium, Houston, Texas (April 2 and 4)

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