2014 NFL Regular Season Schedules


Some Las Vegas sportsbooks will use in-house lines makers, while other Vegas books will retain outside service to provide them with their initial NFL odds and other sports betting lines.

LVSC - (Las Vegas Sports Consultants) at this present time provides NFL odds and other sports betting lines to most of the Vegas sportsbooks. LVSC was founded in 1982 by Michael 'Roxy' Roxborough and has grown into a worldwide lines making and NFL betting information service. It is a reputable service that is overseen by Nevada state gaming regulators.

Most people will agree that the LVSC provides the initial NFL Sports Betting Odds and Lines for 60% to 90% of the licensed sportsbooks in Nevada including sportsbooks operated by MGM Mirage, Park Place Entertainment, Boyd Gaming, and Harrah's Entertainment. LVSC also has a strong presence with licensed bookmakers in Europe. In addition, it is a provider of services to the Oregon State Lottery.

Football betting odds are expressed as betting lines. Football Betting Odds are deplayed by a services, such as Don Best and other handicapping operations. They recieve the NFL football betting lines directly from the sportsbooks.

So what does it mean when you look at the NFL football odds and see Green Bay (-2) vs. Washington? The number listed in parenthesis are the NFL odds. In this case, when the game between Green Bay and Washington is over, 2 points are subtracted from Green Bay's score. This adjusted score determines the winner. For example, if the final score is Green Bay - 21, Washington - 20, Green Bay has obviously won the game. However, for betting purposes, we subtract 2 points from Green Bay and the final score for betting purposes is Green Bay - 19, Washington - 20.

If you bet on Green Bay to win, you lose the bet even though Green Bay won the game.

However, NFL football odds are adjusted by online sportsbooks so as to equalize the number of bettors on either side of the game. If a substantial percentage of the bettors are placing bets on a favorite or popular team, the online sportsbook gives the underdog better NFL odds. These odds may be better than what the team deserves but this is done with the purpose of handicapping. Successful NFL betting depends on the odds that you are working with. These odds are based on statistics, ratings and more.

NFL Football Fundamental handicapping involves placing odds such as the NFL odds, after taking into account the talent levels of a teams playing each other. Football handicapping is all about placing odds after considering the emotional aspect of the game, injuries and weather conditions. The final step in the handicapping process is the technical analysis of trends and systems. Odds in football games consistantly keep changing daily and it is imperative for regular football sports bettors to be informed about them.

Las Vegas NFL football betting odds. Get Sportbet.com NFL football odds online for NFL Playoffs and return next week to view NFL Playoffs Odds for the 2014-2015.

Ready for the 2014-2015 football betting season and free NFL predictions. It will be another exciting NFL football betting season and nothing is more important than winning money with free expert NFL picks! Be sure to check out our NFL predictions each and every week at Sportbet Sportsbook.

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Bet 2015 SuperBowl Football Odds

Got a hunch about who's going to win The 2015 SuperBowl Champions ? Betting NFL football is fun and often profitable since you can place prop bets on individual football players.

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2015 Super Bowl Betting Info

Check out the odds on our NFL football props and put your money where your mouth is. Sign up with Sportbet and recieve NFL football Odds on everything from the NFL Championship Playoff games, to odds on weekly NFL football games.

Each week there will be a fairly comprehensive listing of betting lines offered by Sportbet on the different NFL football games.

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