Sweet Sixteen March Madness Betting 2014

March madness is in full swing and as usual we have seen lots of NCAA tournament action! The first full weekend has come and gone and it was full of drama, great individual play, upsets and buzzer beaters that will go down in history. All of that has led up to a great stage for the sweet sixteen for this weekend.

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The 2014 NCAA Tournament reaches a whole other level of excitement with the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight. Bet on your favorite March Madness team as they take the court in New Jersey, Denver, Tampa or Texas, just two victories shy of the Final Four.

The NCAA Basketball Tournament starts out with 64 teams, but after two rounds of single elimination games, the field is narrowed to just 16 remaining teams and there are some very tough games to handicap from a betting point of view. We'll analyze the latest March Madness odds and show you which teams are already attracting the smart money.

March Madness odds in the Sweet Sixteen present different betting challenges than in the early rounds. The upsets that occurred early don’t happen nearly as often in the Sweet Sixteen. When you look at the March Madness betting line with the final 16 teams you really have to avoid getting caught up in the underdog frenzy. It works well in the early rounds but when the cream rises to the top it doesn’t work as well in March Madness odds. You can’t get caught up with the public in a Cinderella story that may not develop.

As you look at Sweet Sixteen March Madness odds you want to do the opposite of what you did in the early rounds. You want to look at the favorites first in the March Madness betting line and look for reasons to bet them. That is opposite of what you did earlier when you were looking for reasons to take the dog. The favorites definitely do better as the tournament progresses and the Sweet Sixteen March Madness odds will illustrate this fact.

Sweet Sixteen teams are all playing for the chance to move onto the Elite Eight, where they will be just one more win away from making the Final Four. This round is where the action really heats up.

The Elite 8 begins Thursday, March 27th and continue until Sunday, March 29th. The Final Four is April 5 & 7.

The betting line for Elite 8 oddsmaker do a very good job. It is not like the early rounds of the tournament where mistakes could be made. With the betting line for Elite 8 odds tight, games are close and the underdogs oftentimes will cover the spread. That does not mean they will win straight up though versus March Madness odds.

Elite 8 betting line odds will show four games which means you can wager on both sides and totals. This gives you eight chances to make money and that doesn’t include parlays and teasers. Sound money management is important if you want to win money versus the Elite 8 betting line. More March Madness Elite 8

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March Madness basketball betting has never been easier, whether you want to bet a basketball parlay or straight bet.

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