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For football, the most popular bet will be on the point spread. Point spreads can be positive (+), you add the points to your team's score, or can be negative (-), then subtract those points from your team's score.  The team  with the higher score after the points are applied is the winner.

Concluded professional and college football games are official after 55 minutes of play.

The official time of scoring plays for grading purposes is the time on the clock AFTER the score is made.

Overtime scoring is included in the total when wagering on total scores.  Overtime scoring is included in full game and second half wagers.

The USA TODAY/ESPN Top 25 Football Coaches’ Poll wagering is based on the poll released after the BCS Championship Game. Each team may receive 0 to 1500 points. Points accumulated by teams not finishing in the top 25, listed as "Others receiving votes", will count toward the total points achieved by a team. In team vs team matchups, if neither team receives a point, all wagers on that pairing will be graded "no action". Any amendments to the poll made after the initial release of the standings will not apply for wagering purposes.

Parlays including side to total of the same game are allowed when ratio between the side & the total is greater than 3 to 1.

Football televised games will have available the LIVE BETTING OPTION. You can bet on the game or if the next play will be a TD, a pass, a run, a turnover and more! Click here for football live betting odds

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