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Sportsbook Main Golf and PGA Betting Rules

Golf betting can be exciting and fun. Here are the things you need to know about golf betting with Sportbet.com

Four and five round golf events must go a minimum of 54 holes and three round golf events must go a minimum of 36 holes for tournament match-ups and futures to have action.

Golf events must be completed within 7 days of the scheduled conclusion of the event for tournament match-ups and futures to have action.

Adjusted tournament winner wagers have no action if no further golf is played because of a shortened event.

In match-ups and futures, wagers on golfers NOT teeing off to begin an event will be graded no action unless otherwise noted.  Wagers will not be refunded on any option where "all golfers have action" is listed.

Wagers to finish in the top 5, top 10, best in a group of golfers, or any other option where there may be multiple winners sharing a finishing position will have dead-heat rules applied for payouts.

When a golfer finishes on 12th position, bets posted on the OVER of an 8½ total will be graded as winners. Proposition bets on 8½ totals for finishing positions, in the case of tied golfers, the one with the best finishing position will be graded as the winner. If a tie occurs on 7th, 8th, 9th, & 10th position, bets on 8½ over/under totals will be graded as a total of 7. In the case of golfers tied on the 7th position, bets posted on the UNDER of 8½ total will be graded as winners.

Wagers on golfers NOT teeing off in 2nd, 3rd, 4th round, or adjusted tournament match-ups, will be graded no action. If a golfer retires during any stage of a tournament, tournament match ups will have action.

All round match-ups have action regardless of the date the golfers begin/complete the round.

Any single round matchup, where it is determined golfers are playing on different courses for that round, will be graded no action.

The golfer to complete more holes in a tournament or single round match-up is the winner.  If golfers both complete the same number of holes, the golfer with the lower score is the winner.

A golf round is not official until the player's scorecard is signed at the end of a round.  If a player is disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard, the player will be considered withdrawn on the hole with the scoring dispute.  All holes completed prior to the scoring discrepancy will count for wagering purposes.

A golf match-up may have a stroke handicap.  If the number is positive (+), then you subtract the strokes from the golfer's score.  If the number is negative (-), then add those strokes to the golfer's score.  The golfer with the lower score after the strokes are applied is the winner.

Individual score propositions for a disqualified/withdrawngolfer in any round will automatically assign the "over" as thewinning selection for that round and for the tournament. A disqualification/withdrawalcounts as an "infinitely large" score.

"Two on One" match-ups involve two golfers' scores being matched up against a single golfer's score.  Rules for regular match-ups apply to determine the winner.  The lone golfer must defeat both paired golfers' individual scores to win the wager.  If the lone golfer and the best individual score from the paired group is a tie, then the wager is a push.  Only one of the paired golfers needs to defeat the lone golfer to win the wager.

For golf Three-Way Matchups, also known as "three-balls", in cases where there is a three way tie, all wagers will be graded no action.

If two golfers tie for a win in Three-Way match-ups, dead heat rules will apply to all wagers on both golfers or against both golfers.

Tournament and final round matchups do not include playoff holes (unless otherwise specified).

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