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Sportbet offers betting options on all major tennis events, both male and female.

Tennis match start times are often delayed by rain, darkness, or time constraints. Match start times are constantly being revised by event organizers. Wagers will not be voided for any reason based on rain delays, darkness, time constraint delays, or match date changes.

Wagers have action once a ball is served, regardless of the date the match/event is started or completed.  Matches delayed by rain, darkness, or other circumstances will not be voided.  These matches will remain pending until their completion.

A "Walk Over Winner" (player concedes before a match) and matches which do not complete the first set are graded no action.  Any match concluding after the first set is completed will be graded with the advancing player as the winner.

Participants failing to compete in the next round of a tennis event will have all wagers to reach or win subsequent rounds, graded NO ACTION. Wagers made immediately after a player withdrawal, on markets dramatically affected by this action, will be reviewed by management. This type of play can result in permanent account suspension.

First set proposition wagering has action if the first set is completed.  Other props involving the match are no action if a participant resigns/concedes during a match. 

The moneyline on the match itself is the only wagering option that is not considered a prop.

Sportbet also offers Live In Play lines for grand slam tennis matches. Click here to check live betting tennis lines when available.

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