2015 NBA Playoff Bracket Predictions

NBA betting fans are getting excited, as basketball playoffs have almost arrived. At the conclusion of the NBA regular season, the top eight teams in each conference qualify for the post season. Teams are seeded based on their regular season record, with the first place team playing the eighth, second place playing the seventh, third place playing the sixth and the fourth place playing the fifth.

Stick around for the announcement of players, matchups and complete playoff schedule leading up to the NBA finals with regular reports on who's in and who's out of the running leading up to the finals championship. Meanwhile, keep your TV remotes at the ready for another round of exciting NBA finals action on ABC & ESPN.

The NBA playoff season is here and with that comes the demand for free printable playoff brackets.

The NBA Playoff Brackets have the first round filled in along with their seeds and is arranged with the Eastern Conference on the opposite side as the Western conference.

Printable NBA Playoff Brackets click here

Round 1 NBA Playoffs 2015

(1) Warriors vs. (8) Pelicans (1) Hawks vs. (8) Nets
(2) Rockets vs. (7) Mavericks (2) Cavaliers vs. (7) Celtics
(3) Clippers vs. (6) Spurs (3) Bulls vs. (6) Bucks
(4) Blazers vs. (5) Grizzlies (4) Raptors vs. (5) Wizards
Game 5 Game 5
Game 6 Game 6
Game 7 Game 7


Conference Finals

----- -----
Game 1 Game 1
Game 2 Game 2
Game 3 Game 3
Game 4 Game 4
Game 5 Game 5
Game 6 Game 6
Game 7 Game 7


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