NEW! All Red 5-5-5-5 BlackJack Bonus Casino Games

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Play Blackjack in any of the three NEW ALL RED 5-5-5-5 BlackJack Games at the Bonus Casino for your chance at an awesome $5000, $25000 or $50000 CASH PRIZE. Be dealt the hand of 5-5-5-5, ALL Red, and we will award in CASH!

You've been dealt a hand of four RED 5's in any of the Bonus Casino ALL RED 5-5-5-5 BlackJack Games, now what? In order to claim the cash prize you must contact Sportbet Customer Service immediately after receiving the prize-winning hand of four red 5's in the ALL RED 5-5-5-5 BlackJack Games. You will need to have the exact time in which the prize-winning hand was dealt in order to claim the bonus. The prize-winning hand does not have to be a winner; even a push or losing hand with All Red 5-5-5-5 can win the prize. Sportbet will not perform any audits in search of a qualifying hand, so please be sure to make a note of the time in which it occurred.

Once Customer Service has verified your hand of 5-5-5-5, ALL RED cards in the ALL RED 5-5-5-5 BlackJack Games at the Bonus Casino ONLY, you will be awarded the corresponding cash prize in your Sportbet account.

**There is no consolation prize for a 5-5-5-5 hand including black cards.

**There is no consolation prize for a 5-5-5-5 all red hand obtained in any other game that is not specifically played at any of the ALL RED 5-5-5-5 BlackJack Games of the Bonus Casino.

Please note that only accounts starting with SB are eligible to win this cash prize. This Bonus can be earned in addition to any of the standard Sportbet Bonuses and Promotions. The ALL RED 5-5-5-5 BlackJack Games are available in the Sportbet Bonus Casino ONLY.

The cash prize has no rollover or hold-up period restrictions and can be used to play in any of Sportbet features available in your account.

Start playing today, the All Red 5-5-5-5 Live BlackJack Games at the Bonus Casino will make you stack the cash.  Let’s see those 5’s!


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