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Sat. NOV 9 - LSU at Alabama - 08:00 pm ET - CBS

The LSU Tigers are now facing the hardest game this season for them, Sunday night they are scheduled to face the undefeated Alabama Crimson Tide the number 1 ranked team in the NCAA and the SEC, you could say that this is one of the biggest, if not the biggest game of the SEC this year.

LSU after their last victory to Furman had an extra week to prepare for the game against the Tide, there is no way to tell if that was enough for them to reach the level to be able to win but it will be a big plus in a game where they go on the road. The tigers offence has gained some power throughout the season that will come in handy on Saturday when they try to break the Tide's record.

The Crimson Tide are the NO. 1 top ranked team in the SEC, an 8 - 0 record this season and with a senior QB with a career record of 33 - 2, the Tide has outscored 7 teams by more than 20 points but let's not forget that out of the last 10 matches between these two teams 6 go to LSU and 4 to Alabama.

Will the Tigers have what it takes to break the Tide's record? or is Alabama simple in another level?

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