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Sat. NOV 16 - Texas Tech vs. Baylor - 07:00 pm ET - FOX

Texas Tech Red Raiders will take one last ride to try and safe their season from going out and face the Baylor Bears at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. Displaying a rivalry that goes back to 1929 with Texas Tech on the lead (36-34).

The Red Raiders had a great season until 3 weeks ago they started losing games continuously but this happened to some of the top ranked teams, we can't simply forget that they held the #5 ranked before the negative streak started and also keeping in mind the #1 passing game belongs to them with over 408 yards per game.

Baylor Bears are on 8 - 0 for the season, ranked #1 scoring 61 PTS, 3rd best passing game 390+ yards and also one of the most effective defense allowing only 15 PTS per game. All this without mentioning the general game plan they follow showing they have more than one ace in hand.

I see the game favoring Baylor that is if they can stop the passing game of the Red Raiders.

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