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Sportbet constantly provides new and exciting promotions for our valued players. Listed below you will find the latest information on promotions offered at the Shark Tank Poker Room.

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27% Rake Back is now permanent!

Hey, Poker Players! Sportbet pays you back 27% of your Tourney Fees + Rake!

Sportbet pays more to Poker Players! Sign up for this promotion NOW! Contact our Customer Service Staff & request your poker account to be converted to a Rake Back account. (Poker accounts converted to Rake Back accounts DO NOT accumulate FPPs)

Get 27% back on your Net Rake + Tourney Fees! Each Wednesday, during the early morning your 27% Rake back will be applied in cash to your sports account! (Only play registered after the conversion of the account to a Rake Back account will be eligible for the 27% Rake back.)

Accumulate rake by playing in our Real Money Tables and add to your rebate by playing in our Real Money Tournaments! 27% will be returned IN CASH to your Sports Account.

Rake: The house charges a commission or “rake” as a percentage of the total pot won at the end of each real money hand. The “rake” is calculated based on the number of players in the hand, and the size of the pot. The commission (rake) is 5% and capped at a maximum of $3.

Your 27% Rake Back will be calculated using the following formula:

(Net Rake for the period + Tourney Fess for the period)*0.27 = 27% Rake Back Poker Promo

This bonus can be earned in addition to any of the standard Sportbet Bonuses and it is available for US & Canadian customers ONLY.

Sportbet reserves the right to change or eliminate this offer at any time from any or all clients. For more information, click here for Live Assistance.

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Punta Cana Poker Classic

poker promo

Win your $4,100 package with our special Punta Cana Guarantee tournaments!

Buy in now or get into it through a low buy-in satellite

Get ready to shuffle up and party like a rock star at a resort that’s part Vegas, part Caribbean, and all out incredible. For the 5th straight year, we’re heading back to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for the Punta Cana Poker Classic. The tournament takes place from November 4th through 10th, and this year, the Main Event will guarantee $500,000 prize money.

Wn your $4,100 all-inclusive package —at Shark Tank

If you’ve been before, you’ll experience the same all-you-can handle food and booze. The same amazing weather. The same unreal beach. The same nightlife. The same access to a dozen pools and even more restaurants. And if you haven’t been, you’re going to love every second of it.

Shark Tank is now running satellites for the tournament, EVERY SUNDAY, with guaranteed prize packages worth $4,100 each.


Date Time (ET) Tourney Buy-in Prize
Every Sunday 8:30pm Punta Cana - Sit & Crush $50+$5 1 Punta Cana Package

Here’s what each one includes

  • $1,500+150 buy-in to the Main Event with $500,000 Guaranteed!
  • 6 nights accommodations, single occupancy, at the 5-star Hard Rock Hotel Casino Punta Cana from November 4th through 10th.
  • Round trip airfare up to $800.
  • Ground transportation in Punta Cana (airport-hotel-airport).
  • All-inclusive premium food and beverages.
  • Welcome gift bag
  • 24-hour premium room service.
  • $1,500 Resort Credit to spend on spa, golf, and tours at the hotel.
  • 24/7 VIP Support Line

About the Punta Cana Poker Classic

The Punta Cana Poker Classic Main Event is a live poker tournament, to be held at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic—November 4th through 10th. You can find out more about the event and to book your hotel room at

*Packages won in the Super Satellites may not be redeemed for cash and hold no cash value.

**All online qualifiers will automatically be registered in day 1A and they MUST play on that day.


The Cage

poker promo

Guard your chips and protect your stack because the blood is about to hit the felt.

We’re dropping you into The Cage for the most epic poker experience you’ve ever been a part of. This high-stakes cash game with a time-based tournament format is all-out war!

We’ll pre-warn you. The Cage isn’t for the faint of heart, nor is it for those who are afraid to sweat. It’s for poker players who are passionate about winning and willing to do damage at the tables in ways most players only dream of.

3 hours to dropkick your way to victory

The Cage is a multi-table time-based cash game with a $5,000+100 buy-in(satellites from as low as $1.50 are available). The tournament ends as soon as the clock hits 3 hours of play, regardless of how many players are left standing.

Your buy-in gets you 5,000 in chips and here’s the deal. Those chips have a real dollar value. At the end of the 3-hour tournament, we’ll convert your chip stack to real cash. So if you’ve got 50,000 in chips left, we’ll load your account with $50,000 in cash.

The Cage Highlights

  • 3-hour cash game with multi-table tournament format
  • The Cage ends as soon as 3 hours are up, regardless of how many players are left standing
  • 6-max tables
  • Starting stack of 5,000
  • Chips have a real dollar value
  • At the end of the tournament, your chip stack is converted to real cash and loaded into your account
  • You’ll receive your winnings directly into your bank account via a free bank wire from Shark Tank

We Turn Up the Heat by Increasing the Blinds Every Hour

The Cage is split into three levels, with each hour getting more intense. Here’s the breakdown of how the blinds increase throughout the event:

  • Hour 1 with $10/$20 blinds and $2 antes
  • Hour 2 with $25/$50 blinds and $5 antes
  • Hour 3 with $50/$100 blinds and $10 antes

Battle against legends

When you step into The Cage, you won’t just go to battle against regular poker players. You’ll go fist-to-fist against some of the biggest poker heavyweights. The Cage is attracting the who’s who of online poker, so check back often to see who else is stepping into the ring.

$1.50 gets you 5,000 in chips

The Cage comes with a $5,000+100buy-in, but you can sucker punch your way to a seat for just $1.50. Look for a satellite and win your way into the tournament for next to nothing. The event is scheduled at 8:00pm EST on October 8th

Satellite Schedule

Date Time (ET) Name Buy-in Prize
4:00am ,5:30am, 7:00am, 8:00am, 9:45am, 10:45am, 11:50am, 1:00pm, 2:50pm, 4:25pm
THE CAGE Sat. - 1 Seat GTD SS
1 Seat to the daily $30+3
4:30am, 6:00am, 7:30am, 8:30am, 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:20pm, 2:00pm, 3:20pm, 4:55pm
THE CAGE Sat. - 2 Seats GTD SS
2 Seats to the daily $30+3
5:00am, 6:30am, 8:00am, 9:25am, 10:25am, 11:25am, 12:50pm, 2:20pm, 4:00pm
THE CAGE Sat. - 2 Seats GTD 1R+1A
$3+0.30 1R1A
2 Seats to the daily $30+3
THE CAGE Super Sat. - 1 Seat GTD
1 Seat to the Wednesday's $320
THE CAGE - 1 Seat GTD Satellite
1 Seat to the ME
$100+9 R/A
1 Seat to the ME
October 8th
THE CAGE Main Event

Fresh off the announcement of the upcoming Winning Millions $1,000,000 GTD tournament, Shark Tank continues to bring fresh new ideas and exciting poker back to the U.S! 

Terms and Conditions

  • Tournament entries won through satellites are non-transferable, may not be redeemed for cash and hold no cash value.
  • Players who satellite their way into the tournament can’t unregister from it.
  • Players who buy-into the tournament and then win a satellite for it, may take their cash and use their satellite win to play The Cage. 



Winning Millions

poker promo

Stack your chips high and stand proud, America. Poker in the USA is back with a vengeance!

It’s been years since any US player site has delivered a $1,000,000.00 prize pool, that's reminiscent of the poker glory days. You’ve been waiting patiently to get the reward you deserve… AND THE TIME IS NOW!

On Sunday, December 14th at 3:00pm ET, Shark Tank will make history by hosting the Winning Millions Poker Tournament! This $540 buy-in no-limit Texas Holdem tournament guarantees the first place winner will bring home a life-changing $200,000.00!!!

This is your chance to win big, this is the $1,000,000.00 opportunity that you’ve been waiting for… don’t miss it!

You can win your seat to play in this historic tournament for just pennies on the dollar. The action starts RIGHT NOW as we’re running more than 600 individual satellites to ensure you lock-in your seat.

You’re going to love the Winning Millions tournament with:

  • A massive $1,000,000.00 prize pool Guaranteed
  • $200,000.00 Guaranteed to the first place winner
  • Over 600 Satellites
  • Get your winnings fast! The final table (top 9 players) will receive one free bank wire
  • Biggest online poker tournament from a US facing poker network in over 3.5 years

December 14th will be here before you know it, so enter a satellite now to qualify or buy-in directly for $540 to secure your seat!   

Satellite Schedule:

Date Time (ET) Tournament Buy-in Prize Details
10am and 1:30pm
3 Seats GTD to the Daily Super $6
$0.10 Rebuy and $0.25 Addon
Daily Super $6
2 seats GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109
12:00pm, 2:00pm and 3:30pm
Daily Super Satellite
$0.50 + $0.05
1 seat GTD to the $20 turbo
$20 Turbo
2 seats GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109
Sit & Go
9 max Turbo 2 seats GTD
$28 + $1.40
2 seats GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109
Sit & Go
6 max Turbo 1 seat GTD
$24 + $1.20
1 seat GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109
Nightly Satellite
2 seats GTD to the Winning Millions on Dec. 14th


Sit & Crush

poker promo

Why should cash game players have all the fun?

We are pleased to announce the world’s first bi-weekly progressive Sit & Go race! At absolutely no extra cost, players can earn thousands of dollars in cash PLUS free tournament entries just by playing Sit & Go and On Demand tournaments.

Sit & Go players deserve to get in on the action. That’s why Shark Room is digging deep into its pockets and redistributing a part of all Sit & Go fees back to our players. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register for any of our “Sit & Go” or “On Demand” tournaments. To find one, just look for the Sit & Go tab.
  2. Earn points just by playing Sit & Go’s. It makes no difference if you win or lose the tournament. No matter what, you’ll automatically be ranked on our leaderboard.
  3. Check your progress by clicking on the “Sit & Crush” logo in the poker client lobby and see your rank on the leaderboard, points and other important information.
  4. Win thousands in cold, hard cash and tournament entries.

Players can earn points toward their bi-weekly leaderboard totals simply by playing in any Sit & Go tournament*. The more you play, the more points you earn, and the higher you’ll rank on the Sit & Go leaderboard. See our Earning Points tab.

The players who rank highest at the end of each 2-week race will win thousands of dollars PLUS tournament entries and will be paid according to their overall finish.

Each month features two leaderboard competitions:

  • From the 1st of the month to the 15th
  • From the 16th of the month to the last day of the month.

Here’s the best part:  the cash leaderboard gets fuelled at absolutely no extra cost to the player. Each time a player sits down at a Sit & Go, he pays his normal fee — that’s all.

For example, a 9 handed $10+1 Sit & Go (the $1 would be the fee), we will take $0.25 out of the normal tournament fee and put it into the Sit & Crush jackpot.  In this case of a 9 handed Sit & Go, $2.25 will go towards the race  ($0.25 x 9 = $2.25), 70% is then contributed towards the Cash Race and 30% is contributed to the Tournament Race. In the previous example $1.575 would go to the Cash Race and $0.675 to the tournament race.

shark tank poker promo

The chart below explains how much of each tournament fee is used to feed the Sit & Crush Jackpot and how points you will receive for each individual tournament towards the leaderboard.

Tournament Fee Amount to feed Sit & Crush Points Awarded on Sit & Go's Points Awarded for Early Birds in On Demand Tourneys Points Awarded for On Demand Tourneys (already in late registration)
$0,11 $0,03 0,15 0,60 0,30
$0,12 $0,03 0,15 0,60 0,30
$0,15 $0,04 0,20 0,80 0,40
$0,20 $0,05 0,25 1,00 0,50
$0,22 $0,06 0,30 1,20 0,60
$0,25 $0,06 0,30 1,20 0,60
$0,30 $0,08 0,40 1,60 0,80
$0,35 $0,09 0,45 1,80 0,90
$0,45 $0,11 0,55 2,20 1,10
$0,50 $0,13 0,65 2,60 1,30
$0,55 $0,14 0,70 2,80 1,40
$0,70 $0,17 0,85 3,40 1,70
$0,80 $0,20 1,00 4,00 2,00
$0,90 $0,23 1,15 4,60 2,30
$1,00 $0,25 1,25 5,00 2,50
$1,30 $0,33 1,65 6,60 3,30
$1,40 $0,35 1,75 7,00 3,50
$1,50 $0,39 1,95 7,80 3,90
$1,75 $0,42 2,10 8,40 4,20
$1,90 $0,47 2,35 9,40 4,70
$2,00 $0,50 2,50 10,00 5,00
$2,05 $0,50 2,50 10,00 5,00
$2,10 $0,52 2,60 10,40 5,20
$2,75 $0,66 3,30 13,20 6,60
$2,90 $0,70 3,50 14,00 7,00
$3,00 $0,75 3,75 15,00 7,50
$3,20 $0,80 4,00 16,00 8,00
$3,50 $0,86 4,30 17,20 8,60
$3,70 $0,95 4,75 19,00 9,50
$4,75 $1,14 5,70 22,80 11,40
$5,00 $1,25 6,25 25,00 12,50
$5,60 $1,40 7,00 28,00 14,00
$5,70 $1,40 7,00 28,00 14,00
$6,50 $1,56 7,80 31,20 15,60
$7,00 $1,75 8,75 35,00 17,50
$8,00 $2,00 10,00 40,00 20,00
$9,00 $2,25 11,25 45,00 22,50

There is no end to how big the jackpots can grow!  The more players play, the higher the prizes climb and the more spots that get paid.  Every Sit & Go on the site is fuelling this race!*


Everybody loves a great deal so why not get twice the value for your Sit & Go play during the Sit & Crush Happy Hours! Starting Monday, June 2nd, we will be adding Happy Hours into the mix so you can earn double the points by playing the same amount as you usually do during these scheduled hours.

Here's something to say cheers to. With Happy Hours, you'll earn double points towards our Sit & Crush leaderboard. So grind the tables and climb to the top faster than ever.


Mondays: 4:00pm ET to 7:00pm ET
Tuesdays: 4:00pm ET to 7:00pm ET
Fridays: 4:00pm ET to 7:00pm ET

Be sure to play as many Sit & Go's as possible during the Happy Hours, to ensure you're primed to maximize your full Sit & Crush points earning potential.

You can track your progress to see just how beneficial playing during Happy Hours really is by tracking your progress on the leader board before and after you play. You can view your ongoing points tally by clicking on the 'Sit & Crush' tab in the top right hand corner of the lobby.

Please note that Sit & Crush Happy Hours are valid only for the Sit & Crush promotion and are not valid for other points accumulation promotions such as 'The Beast'. As always, heads up tables are excluded from the Sit & Crush promotion.



Get ready to Sit & Crush your way to an explosion of cash. Beginning July 19th, we’re dropping an extra $5,000 per week onto the Sit & Crush prize pool, straight from our pockets.


Just keep playing Sit & Go tournaments and you’ll automatically compete for a spot on the Sit & Crush leaderboard.

You don’t have to do anything special to compete for the extra cash. We’ll drop the extra $5,000 onto the cash leaderboard automatically at the beginning of the competition.

Remember, it doesn’t cost anything extra to be a part of Sit & Crush. By playing Sit & Go and On-Demand tourneys, a portion of the tourney fee automatically goes to the Sit & Crush prize pool.

So hit the tables hard to crush even more cash.


Place Added Cash

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$100k Guaranteed

poker promo $100k Tournament

It’s time to get your piece of $100,000! On Set. 14th at 7:00pm ET Shark Tank will be doubling the size of its normal big weekly $50k Guaranteed giving you the opportunity to walk home with your piece of a six digit score!

With 15 minute levels and 10,000 starting chips you get plenty of play for your $200+$15 buy-in and an opportunity to make some life changing money.

On Sept. 14th instead of the usual 50k guaranteed that Sunday, you can now compete for two times the money for the same $200+$15 buy-in!

$100,000 Guaranteed 
Date and Time: Sunday Sept. 14th, 2014 at 7pm ET
Buy-in: $200+15
10,000 Starting chips

If the $200+$15 is a bit steep for your bankroll Shark Tank Poker Room is running a ton of satellites leading up to the event in which you can secure your entry for as little as $1 to secure your entry.

So what are you waiting for? Why not take your shot at life changing money? Check out our qualifiers in the tournament lobby and secure your seat today.


Day Time (ET) Name Buy-In Prize
Daily 6:00pm $100K GTD Satellite –2 Seats GTD $22 + $2 2 Seats To the $100K GTD Tournament
Daily Hourly, 35 minutes past the hour $100K GTD Super Sat. 1 Seat $0.9 + $0.1 1 Seat GTD to nightly Event

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FreeRolls on Demand

poker promo Freerolls

Shark Tank Poker Room is offering more freerolls than ever! 24 hours a day 7 days a week True Poker hosts $10 On Demand Freerolls!

Whether you’re just getting started at Shark Tank Poker Room and want to experience the thrill of real money play or looking to take a free shot at boosting up that bankroll On Demand Freerolls are perfect for both!

There’s no scheduled start times to worry about. You can think of On Demand Tournaments as multi-table Sit ‘n Go tourneys. Instead of starting at a specific time, they begin as soon as 270 players have registered.

A new freeroll is posted as soon as the late registration of the previous one ends, and just as soon as the required minimum amount of required entrants registers it begins!  Each tournament allows 30 minutes of late registration so you’re sure fire to get into the action at any time of the day!  Simply click on the ‘Freeroll tab’ in the tournament section to take your free shot at some cold hard cash….for free!

Freerolls On Demand Leaderboard

Just keep playing  our On Demand Freerolls all day long, because each time you place in the top 10 of one of our On Demand Freerolls you’ll earn points towards the leader boards in our two week long competitions that run from the 1st to the 15th and the 16th to the end of the month, each month. At the end of each competition, we’ll take a look at the leaderboard and award tournament entries to the top 10 point earners. First place scores $270 worth of tournament entries!

Here's the point breakdown for placing in the top 10:

Place Points

By the end of the bi-weekly competition, if you’ve accumulated enough points to finish in the top 10 of the leader board you will receive a free entry to The Beast tournament. If you’re our first place finisher you also receive a tournament entry for that immediate Sunday’s $215 buy in event!

There’s no limit to how many On Demand Freerolls you can enter, so keep entering and play for free as often as you like.

Terms and Conditions

  • The qualifying period for the first Freerolls On Demand Leaderboard competition of the month runs from the first day of each calendar month at 00:00 ET to the 15th day of the same calendar month at 23:59 ET.
  • The qualifying period for the second Freerolls On Demand Leaderboard competition of the month runs from the 16th day of each calendar month at 00:00 ET to the last day of the same calendar month at 23:59 ET.
  • Players may only qualify for this promotion via On Demand Freerols.
  • The tournament for the first monthly competition winners will be held on the 4th Sunday of the month. The tournament for the second monthly competition winners will be held on the 2nd Sunday of the following month.
  • Players are responsible to play in the assigned online tournament won through this promotion. Players that don’t play the tournament will be deemed to be “no shows” and will forfeit their tournament entry prize.
  • First Place winner of each competition will be registered into the following Sunday’s $215 buy in tournament.
  • Leaderboard Points are updated in real time.
  • Shark Tank Poker Room reserves the right to change the general rules and conditions for this promotion at any time with or without notice.
  • General rules and conditions apply.
  • All management decisions are final.

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