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With the popularity of basketball gambling online these days, for those that haven't moved your action offshore sports books and how NBA betting online is easier than ever, this betting basketball online article may make you reconsider online basketball gambling this season. When you do decide to bet on the NBA or college basketball you need to understand the basic basketball gambling odds.

Basketball Gambling Odds Example:

501 LA Lakers 192
502 Sacramento Kings -2.5

The number listed in front of the team name is the rotation number. That number is how the teams are identified in the printed schedule and the number you give the clerk when calling out your bets. The top team is the road team while the bottom team is at home. The number listed next to the Lakers is the total. That is the total amount of points both teams will score in the game. You bet over or under that total depending upon what you think will happen in the game. The number listed next to the Kings is the amount of points Sacramento is favored by. If you like the Kings you are betting that the Kings will win the game by 3 points or more. If you like the Lakers you are getting those two and half points. Most of the time you are betting 10 percent over the amount you want to win. For example, 110 to win 100 or 550 to win 500 and so on. If you win your bet you collect that flat amount. If your bet loses you lose your flat amount bet plus the 10 percent, so 110 dollars instead of 100. That 10 percent is the juice that is associated with every bet you make. Oftentimes when betting on the NBA or other sports you will see different variations of that vigorish.

Basketball Line Moves - Gambling Lines

There are numerous factors involved when the line on an NBA or College Basketball game changes. In the Past basketball seasons there has been much more line movement with College Hoops than there is in the NBA. There are several reasons why the betting line on a Pro or College Basketball game changes. It can move do to injuries to one or more players. It can move because the Sports book you are using has significant money on one side of the game. Another big reason why a line moves, and perhaps the biggest is because the "WISE GUYS" are on a game. From the mid 1980's into the late 1990's the "WISE GUYS" were both respected and feared in the industry. They had such a successful run in College Basketball that you would see basketball lines move 4 and 5 points at a time in games the WISE GUYS were on. After interviewing some local books and some offshore books for this article it has become apparent that the "WISE GUYS" though still around are not as highly regarded as in the past.

A good basketball bettor will shop for lines at as many Sports books as possible. The more lines you get the better the chance of getting a line in your favor. Never under estimate how important getting a favorable line is. It can mean a WIN instead of a PUSH or a PUSH instead of a LOSS.

Finally you should always respect a Line Move but never make a wager because of it. In fact the only way to win in this business is handicap a game to the best of your ability and shop around for the best line available.

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