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Free Bingo Cards Promotions:


We offer players various Free Bingo Cards/Tickets Promotions where players can benefit for Free Bingo cards/tickets to play with. These offers have minimum requirements and for example work in the manner of Buy X and Get Y for free. However we also offer the players the opportunity to pick their free cards and therefore if for example a promotion is of Buy 6 Get 3 Free, the player is required to choose a total of nine (9) cards and once they press buy, the will only be charged for six (6). Here is a list of the current Free Bingo Cards Promotions being offered:

  • Buy 6 Get 3 Free in the Seasonal Room on all games.
  • Buy 3 Get 2 Free on all Bingo Games in the Pack & Line Room every day of the week
  • Buy 6 Get 3 Free on all Pay Bingo Games in the Bingo Freeroll Room every day of the week
  • Buy 6 Get 3 Free on all Games in the USA Bingo Room every Sunday and Monday
  • Buy 6 Get 3 Free on all Multi-Part $25/$50/$250 Games in the Tourney Room every Saturday.


Custom cards:

This NEW exclusive feature allows you to choose your own lucky numbers and create your own personalized custom Bingo Cards. Reuse them every time you play and win big playing your own lucky numbers.

Custom Cards can be used every time you play Bingo75. Once you've created your new Custom Bingo Cards, you can use them every time you play your favorite 75 ball bingo games. Create your first Custom Bingo card for FREE now! Creating your own Custom Bingo Cards is quick and easy:

  1. From the Bingo Room, click Settings >> Cards >> Edit or Select Custom Cards for the Tabs at the top
  2. Click >> Add a Custom Card
  3. Drag and Drop the numbers from the callboard onto the ball's respective column or simple double click the numbers on the call board in the order that you wish them to appear on your Custom Card

  5. Name your Custom Card
  6. Save your Custom Card
  7. Your unique Custom Card is Saved and available for you to select whenever you play any Bingo 75 game
  8. In the Bingo room select >> Settings >> Cards >> Get Custom Cards and start playing all your favorite Bingo

75 games with your very own Custom Cards Your first Custom Card is FREE so create yours now!

Subscribe to our fabulous Custom Card feature and you can create up to nine (9) personalized Bingo cards for just $1.00 a month. This fantastic feature allows you to select all your lucky numbers and play Bingo your way whenever you play any B75 bingo game


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