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How to Play:

Select the Bingo Room(s) of your choice by clicking on the 'PLAY' button (you may open several bingo rooms). If you log in and there is a game in progress, you will have to wait for the game to finish. When the game finishes, you will see a set of bingo tickets/card or strips. Each ticket or card is identifiable by its unique number. The tickets/cards are ordered vertically in sets. Arrows allow you to scroll up and down to look at or change the tickets/cards.

Click on the ticket (or strip) that you wish to play. In Bingo 90, if the game is playing strips you may select entire strip(s) or within each strip, individual tickets. Clicking on a ticket/card or strip will cause it to change color, highlighting your choice. If you are satisfied with your selection, you must click the 'Buy' button to accept the cards for the game. If you don't press the 'Buy' button before the game starts, you will not be eligible for that game. Each Bingo room displays 'New cards', 'Quick Pick' & 'Auto Buy' buttons.

The 'New Cards' button will allow you to select new, randomly generated tickets or strips. If you make any changes to the cards by clicking the 'New' ticket button, you must press the 'Buy' button again if you wish to buy them.

The 'Quick Pick' button will allow you to select the tickets more quickly, in increments of 5, 10, 20, 'MAXIMUM' or by the number of your choice, without having to select them individually.

Two Bingo Variations:
75 Ball Bingo (aka Bingo 75)


B75 Bingo Rooms


This is the American take on the bingo game. It is a pattern based game. The bingo pattern displays the winning combination of boxes that you need to mark on one or more of your cards in order to have a bingo and win the prize. Patterns change from game to game - two successive games may or may not have the same pattern. The pattern shown during a game is valid only for that game.



We use two types of patterns: static and moving. Static; in the static pattern, the configuration of filled boxes does not change within a game. You must mark a winning card with exactly this pattern. There is only one combination that works.

Moving; a moving pattern is one whose configuration changes more than once within a single game. Marking any of the appearing configurations qualifies a winning card. For
example, if the moving pattern is a horizontal line, you can claim bingo when you have any of the rows, in any of the cards.

Each card has five columns of five numbers each. The columns are headed by the letters from the word BINGO. Every column may contain only numbers from a limited set.

  • column - from 1 to 15
  • column - from 16 to 30
  • column - from 31 to 45
  • column - from 46 to 60
  • column - from 61 to 75

The center most cell of the card is labeled 'Free'; that is, it is given to you and can be used to claim bingo
90 Ball Bingo (aka Bingo 90)


B90 Bingo Rooms



The traditional European game of bingo has simple easy to learn rules. Each ticket is made up of three (3) rows and nine (9) columns. Each row has 5 numbered squares; while there will always be 4 free squares per row. Tickets are grouped in sets of 6 and are called strips. In a strip, every possible number from 1 to 90 is distributed ONCE (and only once) across these 6 tickets. Therefore, for every ball called, one number can be marked on any of the 6 tickets. 90 Ball gaming delivers three prizes per game, meaning you've got three different chances to win during each game;

  • One Line Bingo - simply mark off 1 horizontal line (5 numbers)
  • Two Line Bingo - mark off 2 horizontal lines (10 numbers)
  • Full House - hit the big time by matching your whole bingo ticket (15 numbers)

Other Information:

  • A new game begins every 3 to 7 minutes, depending on the length of the previous game.
  • A new ball is called every 3 to 6 seconds.
  • When the game begins, our program will follow the balls for you and marks the drawn numbers in the cells of your cards.
  • Our games are fully automated: even when you select the manual daubing option, if you have a line, 2 lines, full house or bingo, the program will assign it to you; you can never miss a win if you have one.
  • For 'Pattern' bingo games, each game has its own pattern for the bingo.
  • Our bingo rooms are divided into several areas. Each area displays certain information about the game or provides access to other features
  • If you leave a game in which you have purchased cards by your own actions or no fault of your own, your cards will continue to play as if you're still logged in! Most importantly, if your card(s) is a winner, you will still get your prize. You can check your activities in your account.
  • 'Game ID' displays the identification number of the game. The ID is coded to help us determine how a game was played. You can use this ID if there is a problem with a game. Contact our customer support and tell us this ID number so we can quickly identify any problem.
  • 'Purchased Tickets/Cards' shows the number of tickets/cards registered for the game.
  • 'Card/Ticket Price' displays the price of one ticket/card.
  • 'Charged’ is the total value that you pay for the tickets you are playing in the current game. This amount is equal to the ticket price multiplied by the number of tickets registered for the game.<
  • 'Max cards/tickets' is the maximum available tickets/card that you may purchase for a specific game.
  • 'Players' displays the number of all players signed up for the current game.
  • 'Call' indicates the number of balls that have been called. The number gets larger with every ball called.
  • 'Pattern Prize' indicates the amount to be won for each of the parts of the game: single line, two line, full house or a specific pattern or game.
  • 'Balance' reflects the remaining balance in your account which is eligible for you to purchase cards/tickets with for the current game. When you win a bingo, your Balance is increased by the amount you have won.
  • 'Bingo Points' are free points granted to you for every ticket purchased. They are redeemable for entries into free cash draws that take place daily; weekly and monthly.
  • Each bingo room offers buttons to enlarge (+) or reduce (-) the size of the tickets/cards to your liking. When playing with more tickets than can be displayed on a single screen, navigation arrows ( > ) ( <) appear: Use these arrows to scroll right or left to see all your tickets.
  • The area to the top right hand side of the bingo room shows all bingo balls that are in play in the game, which is otherwise known as the call board. When a number is called, it will change color (brighter) on the call board; the last number called will be colored in orange.
  • To assist you in your game, we display separately next to the call board the last three (3) or four (4) drawn numbers in the order in which they were called.


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