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May Day BINGO Event

May 1st is universally known as May Day and a day for celebrating the arrival of spring.

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As such, we feel it should be celebrated! But instead of dancing around a Maypole, we're going to give you the chance to play some crazy games for one full hour to score some cash prizes up to $250!

Our May Day celebrations are BIG, so get ready! We will be playing back-to-back Crazy Games with cash prizes changing randomly from $25 up to $250 with every BINGO number called! So be on your toes!
With cards at just $1.00 each and a special “Buy 3, Get 2 FREE” card promotion, the celebration will be incredible! The fun will take place in the Spring BINGO Room from 8pm EDT to 9pm EDT. Join us and make May Day your Pay Day!

BINGO Bug Tourney

This May we're offering four separate BINGO Bug Tourneys paying out $10,000 in total cash and prizes!

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Are you a Bug lover? If so, this tournament is for you! Running each week from Monday through Thursday in the Spring BINGO Room, you’ll want to BINGO on as many of the bug-themed patterns as possible! It’s that simple! These patterns include an ant, spider, caterpillar, dragon fly, moth, bee, worm, butterfly and other various little bugs! So get your insect game ready!

Our top 20 winners each week will receive a portion of our $2,500 prize pot - with our top weekly bug catcher receiving $1,250 in cash! That’s right! You can win up to $1,250 in cash every week! Our 2nd – 20th place critter catchers will receive a piece of the prize as Free Play Bonuses ranging from $5 to $600 depending on your placement in the tourney!

Games will play once every hour, so keep your eyes peeled, grab a friend and join in the fun!

With cards at just $0.50 each, we're giving you a “Buy 6, Get 3 FREE” deal during the tournament!

Race Day

Sunday, May 2nd is Race Day! In order to add some fun into the mix, we're playing three full hours of horse-racing, BINGO-filled speedy BINGO games!


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Race on over the Spring BINGO Room between 8pm EDT and 11pm EDT on Sunday, May 2nd and that's where you will find all the action kicking off! All of the BINGO games will be short and speedy patterns just like the racehorses will be running on the track. Cards will be sold for just $0.35 each with a “Buy 6, Get 3 FREE” card promotion!

But that’s not all! We are going to give you even more action! We will play a mid-hour $146 guaranteed game once an hour during this three hour promotion period. With cards at just $0.50 each, we are throwing in a “Buy 6, Get 3 FREE” card purchase option as well! Saddle up and get ready for the fun!

We've thrown in some relevant BINGO patterns to tie in with our Race Day event! Be on the lookout for the following horserace patterns: the finish line, a hat, a horse, a race track, a trophy and more! See you at the track!

Cinco de Mayo $25,000 Special

As the annual Cinco de Mayo celebration approaches, we are ready to amp things up with our special Coverall BINGO event to celebrate this fun holiday! You don't want to miss out on this event as we are looking to pay out a whopping $25,000 in cash!

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This event will take place on Tuesday, May 5th in the Spring BINGO Room beginning at 5pm EDT. We will play FIVE Coverall patterns throughout the night. One coverall pattern will play at the top of each hour for a $5,000(min $500) prize! Will you be the lucky recipient?

What's even better is that the cards for this event are available for just $2.00 each. And since this is a celebration, we’ve decided to give you a “Buy 1, Get 1 FREE” card promotion! Don’t forget, pre-buys are available!

Mother's Day BINGO Tourney

What better way to celebrate your mom or any mother figure in your life than by joining our Mother's Day BINGO Tourney! The event will run from 00:01 EDT to 23:59 EDT on Sunday, May 10th and will play in the Spring BINGO Room where we’ll be giving away $500 in cash and prizes!

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The top winner of the event will walk away with a cool $200 in cash, while the remaining top 9 players will share $300 as Free Play/

BINGO Bonus. Winners will be determined by the most BINGO’s made on the Mother's Day patterns.

The Mother's Day BINGO patterns include a balloon, a cake, chocolates, a card, flowers, and a coffee mug - among others that remind us of Mother's Day.

Games will be played twice every hour, as a top-of-the-hour game and a mid-hour game. These patterns will be played as High/Low games with a high prize of $75 and a low prize of $30.

Cards will be $0.50 each with a “Buy 6, Get 3 FREE” offer to boost your play time!

$2,000 TGIF BINGO Event

We all get that Friday vibe! So what better way to welcome the weekend than with our exciting $2,000 TGIF BINGO Event! The day to keep an eye on is Friday, May 22nd when we invite you to kick your feet up and join us for some special TGIF BINGO games!

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The event will take place in the Spring BINGO Room and will begin at 6pm EDT. At the top of each hour, we will play a $500 Guaranteed BINGO game! This gives you six chances to win and with our “Buy 2, Get 1 FREE” card promotion, your chances of winning get even better!

May $13,000 Big Bingo Event

On Saturday, May 30th we're holding our BIGGEST BINGO Event of the month! The party is in our Tourney BINGO Room starting at 7pm EDT! There will three action-packed hours of warm-up games, including a $1,000 Guaranteed BINGO game at the top of each hour playing at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm EDT with a card cost of only $2.00 a card!

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Then, get ready!! At 10pm EDT is the Main Event: Our $10,000 GUARANTEED BINGO game! Getting in on the action could see you score this life-changing prize! With cards at just $5.00 each, be sure to get your pre-buys. Someone is going to WIN BIG! It could be YOU!

Breakfast Club BINGO Game

As the saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm!” So throughout May we're inviting you to join us for our Breakfast Club BINGO! Playing each morning every Wednesday and Sunday, we will have special Breakfast BINGO patterns playing in the Spring BINGO Room!

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Grab a hot coffee or tea and prepare to load your plate as you join us from 8am EDT to 9am EDT for our Breakfast Club fun! In each one-hour session, we will be playing a variety of Breakfast BINGO patterns. With all cards at just $0.50 each, we're topping it off by offering you “Buy 6 cards, Get 3 FREE!”

In keeping the Breakfast Club theme, we will have assorted breakfast patterns including bacon, a coffee mug, butter, croissant, eggs, the letter B, a pancake and a coverall option. So start your morning with us and may your plate be filled with BINGO’s!

The Breakfast Club BINGO line-up will consist of $20 starting games, $200 (min $20) Coverall patterns, and $200 guaranteed games! With such a selection, we aim to help you start your day with a bang! After all, what better way to wake up than with a couple of wins up your sleeve! Don’t forget, we're offering you a “Buy 6, Get 3 FREE” card promotion!

BINGO Blossom Weekend

Spring is a time of fun and rebirth. So what better way to welcome this season than with our BINGO Blossom weekend! The event will take place from Friday, May 15th – Sunday, May 17th in the Spring BINGO Room from 7pm EDT to 9pm EDT each night.

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This exciting BINGO blossom weekend bingo event is filled with spring bingo fun and includes our $25 starting games with a pot that just keeps on growing. As a special spring treat, we will play our $2,500 Coverall games at the top of each hour, adding to the bingo fun. These exciting BINGO games will give you lots of opportunities to get some BIG wins under your belt each day!



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