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What Serious fantasy football players have to keep in mind. Every pre-season it is the same thing. There is one secret to a successful fantasy football season. (Home Work) Doing your research and knowing your players will make all the difference come draft day. The injury bug will prove to be a huge factor between cellar dwelling and winning your league’s respective Super Bowl.

The biggest thing when it comes to injuries is not always the loss of a powerhouse player. Quite often the big impact comes to into play in stealing that sleeper back-up player from the other owners in your league. NOW is the time to study out the back-up players throughout the NFL and what impact they could have to the game of fantasy football.

For example.

Over the last few seasons the Denver Broncos have had a pretty decent offensive line. Dating back to the Terrell Davis days we could visualize on every Sunday the back-up running backs amassing many yards and touchdowns. Olandis Gary, Mike Anderson…it did not matter who they threw in the line-up they would run for 1000 yard plus seasons. This is one angle to approach the process.

Another approach is to constantly restudy your points system

Many leagues score differently than others. In many of the leagues I participate and commish in the Quarterbacks get 1 point per completion. This changes the whole layout of the game. The Quarterback suddenly becomes the biggest key to your fantasy squad since he will accumulate most of your fantasy points. Look closely at the offensive scheme that is being run by the different teams and it will often help you to eliminate over half of your potential sleepers. Obviously you want to be careful for example with teams that run the running back by committee philosophy.

Learn your competition if possible

If you are in a keeper league and you have paid attention in past drafts, you will have a good idea on how they draft and what they look for. I have been in leagues with individuals that I can tell you pretty much who they are going to draft and when they are going to draft them. That, when it happens is a very scary situation.

Do Not Drink Before making your draft Picks

The last thing that often gets ignored is one of the most important things to remember. On draft day…if you have your draft in a bar, DO NOT DRINK! I know that the two go hand in hand, however you tend to steer away from your cheat sheets and go with gut feelings instead of your head. Instead buy a round or two drinks for the other owners. Drink your beer towards the later rounds. This does two things….first it makes you the nice guy….and second it swings the advantage your way…which is always a good thing.

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