Sportsbook Transfers

A Sportsbook Transfer is a way to transfer funds to/from your Sportbet account with another participating sportsbook.

How to transfer funds to Sportbet using a Sportsbook Transfer

Simply contact Sportbet via Live Chat for more information on participating sportsbooks.

ALL incoming Sportsbook Transfers must be notified via email. The minimum amount for any Sportsbook Transfer is $500.

Sportbet charges no fees for incoming transfers.  If the other operation participating in the transfer charges fees for any reason, those fees will not be covered.

Funds are usually available immediately when transferring to Sportbet.

How to transfer funds from Sporbet Sportsbook Transfers

Outgoing Sportsbook transfers to selected operations will incur in a 3% fee. Sportsbook transfers to other operations may take from 24 to 72 hours to be processed.

ALL incoming Sportsbook Transfers must be requested via email from the address on file. The minimum amount for any Sportsbook Transfer is $500.

Sportsbook Transfers are intended to be a method used to move winnings to other operations without having to use a 3rd party processor or banking institution.  Volume of action between deposit and transfer requests has no bearing on transfer approval.  Net winnings or the return of funds transferred from another operation are the only ways to insure approval of a transfer.  Management reserves the right to refuse the process of a transfer if the requirements are not deemed fulfilled.

For more information contact Sportbet Customer Service via Live Chat.