Terms and Conditions

Betting Contest Intro Prizes Contest Terms and Conditions

In order to receive a Betting Contest Prize, you must have Sportsbook activity within 24 hours of placing the first winning selection of your Betting Streak.

"Sportsbook activity" refers to at least one real money wager being posted no more than 24 hours before or after entering the first winning pick of your Betting Streak.  The first winning selection of every new Betting Streak has the 24 hour rule from the post time of the pick. Qualifying real money wagers can be placed in Sportsbook Main, Live Betting Extra or Live Betting Ultra.

IMPORTANT! Betting Streaks of 5 wins will be awarded a $50 Free-Play ONLY IF the eligible account has a real money wager of $50 or more posted within 24 hours of starting the winning streak. Accounts not fulfilling this requirement will get applied a Free-Play for the amount of the highest real money wager posted within 24 hours of starting the winning streak and up to $49.99. If the qualifying real money wager is between $0.50 and $4.99, a $5 Free-Play will be credited.

Accounts that do not post a real money wager within 24 hours of placing the first winning selection of the streak will be awarded a 5% of the prize amount for ONE WINNING STREAK ONLY.  Future winning streaks that do not fulfill the wagering requirements will not be eligible for further prizes.

All events available on the "Today's Pick" tab are scheduled for the same day and will be graded after the last event is over.  

Only one selection per account per day is allowed.  Once your match is graded, the following day you can make your next pick. Confirmed picks may not be deleted nor edited.

Only picks made on the "Today's Pick"�tab qualify for the Betting Streak prizes and Betting Contest Leaderboard prizes.

To keep an active betting streak of winners, you must make a pick on a game or event played within 7 days of your previous winning selection or your Betting Streak score will be reset to zero.

All Sportsbook Rules apply for grading purposes.

If your selection is a winner, you will receive one point towards your streak score.

If your selection is a loser, your score will be reset to zero.

If your selection is postponed, suspended, cancelled or removed from the board for any reason, your selection will not count towards your Betting Streak score and you will need to make a new selection for a game played on a future date. You will have 7 more days to add a new pick to your streak.

If the game you selected results in a tie or push, the event will be graded cancelled and your Betting Streak score will not change. You will have 7 more days to add a new pick to your streak.

Players with Betting Streaks carrying over from one month to the next must have the most winning picks made during the ongoing calendar month in order to win the Betting Streak Contest prize of the month. Only picks made within the same month will be considered towards the Betting Streak Contest monthly prize.

For the Betting Contest Monthly Leaderboard, only the first place will have the prize applied. In the case of a TIE for the first place, the amount of the prize will be divided in equal parts amongst the eligible winners.

All General Rules and Policies apply to this contest. Click here for FAQ's for Betting Contest