Sports Betting Plus

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Now there are even more ways to wager your favorite sports, before or during the game, with Sports Betting Plus. Sports Betting Plus offers an incredible selection of pre-match and in-game betting options and displays them in an easy to use interface.

Choose from lines under Events for soccer, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, handball, tennis, volleyball, rugby and more.

Making a wager is easy… select the sport you want and then choose from a list of Events. You will find an extensive menu of in-game options conveniently in the same interface. Outright winner odds, quarter and halftime lines, game totals, team totals, handicaps, overtime odds and much more.

In order to place a bet you will need to transfer funds to Sportsbook Plus from Sportsbook Main. Click on the "Funds Transfer" button to initiate a transfer. From there, you can decide how much to transfer from Sportsbook Main to Sportsbook Plus.

If you want to transfer all the funds available, select "All Funds to Sportsbook Plus". To transfer only a portion of your funds, enter the amount desired and choose "Sportsbook Main TO Sportsbook Plus" from the drop down menu.

Finally, select "Transfer" to complete the transaction.  You are now ready to wager using Sports Betting Plus. For more on Funds Transfer, Account History and Bet Outcomes Click here.

Once you are finished wagering using Sports Betting Plus, you can transfer your funds back to Sportsbook Main.

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