We use popular, well tested and established technologies. Our server is written in Java's latest edition and can handle tens of thousands simultaneous users. It is designed in such a manner that various services could be placed on separate machines living in a load balance environment. All our services and software components can be deployed either under Linux or Windows operating systems.

A player may use both our online Flash based instant play application or our download version. Both methods are designed to be small in size and will fit even modem speed (dialup) connections.


Client - server communication will use the latest SSL 128-bit encryption technology, so no sensible information could be sniffed or read by not authorized user.

The nature of game logic of our single and multi level tournaments does not push us to incorporate all the anti-collusion table fraud detection that Blackjack Tournament rooms do.
Here are some of the security features the server has.

  • In the back-end could be set how many users per 24 hours per IP address could register (default 2).
  • In the back-end could be set how many users from one IP address could play simultaneously.
  • Some players could be refused to sign-up if they come from blacklisted IP address or country.
  • A fraud level from 1 to 5 could be assigned to every user and authentication could be refused based on it or the user could be deactivated.
  • Every time a player performs operation like log-in, log-off, data modification it is logged, so later an administrator could check what was in the past.


Whether your organization is new to the game or highly experienced in server management, we will put together the optimum combination of systems, sub-systems, and key administrative support to get you going and keep you going.

We believe that all organizations doing business on the Internet should have attentive service and support from trained professionals, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Our Sportbet network is connected to multiple upstream providers, which ensures Internet connectivity is always available to customers.

This state of the art, fault-tolerant software utilizes hot standby router protocol (HSRP) and the greater route diversity enhances Internet performance. In the event that a router or router port fails, the hot standby router will take over within 40 seconds. The Internet bandwidth available to customers is always maintained at 10 times our average sustained usage.


A firewall is simply a network device that will limit access to an IP address by specific ports. Sportbet has firewall services available upon request. We custom build our own systems, which we can configure as required.


Sportbet has load-balancing services available to customers who need sites to be available 24/7, with varying levels of simultaneous connections. Load-balancing is simply a system, which will ensure that more than one server shares incoming requests. This facility optimizes response times, and prevents a single machine from becoming overloaded with requests.

Network Backup Server

Sportbet has servers dedicated to storing backup data for customers on its fully redundant network. Backups are scheduled to take place on a daily basis or as often as required.

IP Accounting

Our custom IP accounting software allows us to provide a breakdown by IP of your traffic usage. Full web traffic reports can be made available to our customers upon request.

Random Number Generation and Shuffling

The most important part of an on-line card room is a specially designed program called the "random number generator". This is the program that generates a sequence of numbers, which correspond to various card types, dice throws, etc. A good random number generator is one that generates numbers that are:

  • Evenly distributed and not correlated
  • Unpredictable

If a random number generator is evenly distributed and not correlated, each number will be hit approximately the same number of times after a large number of runs. If a random number generator is unpredictable, you will not be able to predict the next number in a series no matter how many previously generated numbers you have studied. 

Both the practice and real money online versions of Blackjack21 use a random number generator to create the cards in the various games and each game undergoes extensive testing.

First, designers imitate all possible situations and determine whether the rules are obeyed, payouts are properly paid, etc. Then the random number generator is added and tests are run with automated agents.

The optimal strategy is implemented for games where strategy is involved like in blackjack.

Depending on the game, between 1 and 10 million bets are run. If the frequency of winning combinations and general payouts are within expectations, the game is passed to a Quality Assurance team of engineers who play that game to insure its flawless play. All games are tested on the real gaming server. Only when a game passes these tests will it be available to play.