Whatever type of online slots you love you need to remember the slots vary in the manner in which they payout. Some slots have a low volatility and allow players more game time while offering fewer chances to win the big jackpot. Other slots have high volatility and may give lesser game time but payout a lot more frequently at the high end, and there are many slots that fall somewhere in between these two ranges.

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Whatever slot you prefer to play, always be aware of the coin size you're playing with. The coin size will influence how much game time you can invest before needing to hit one of the bigger payouts. Coin size will also influence the size of the jackpot, the larger the coin size the larger the jackpot you can win. Choose a coin size that suits your pocket.

How to play Slots in the Cash Back Casino

Game Rules

The Casino offers four Slot machines games, which are similar, if not the same, when it comes to the general dynamics of playing them.  These are the classic three-reel slot machines, complete with spinning reels, and one five-reel slot machine. 

Our slots come in multi-coin and multi-play options which let you bet more than one coin per play, choosing where to bet and how much.

The object of the game is to achieve a winning combination of symbols to win a corresponding prize.

Different combinations, as well as different scores, give you different payoffs.  So just choose your bet click on the button and start playing!

Placing a Bet

To begin playing the slots, first select the denomination you wish to play from the four choices: 25 cents, 50 cents, 1 dollar and 5 dollars.  The buttons are located just above the reel windows on the slot machine. 

Next, you can choose the amount of coins you wish to play (i.e.  if the coin you are playing with is 1 dollar, then by playing three coins, you will be wagering 3 dollars).  The odds table will highlight the odds column that applies to the amount of coins you are going to play.

By hitting MAXBET you will wager 3 times (or 5 coins in 5 paylines machines) the amount of the coin you have chosen to play.  You can wager multiples of the coin, up to the maximum allowed, by hitting the BET ONCE button.

Playing the Game

Once you are satisfied with the coin and the amount of coins wagered, you can hit the SPIN to start the wheeling of the reels.  By hitting MAXBET, you will wager the maximum amount of coins allowed and the reels will start wheeling immediately.

If the symbols in one payline match a winner combination in the paytable, the amount won will be added to your current balance.

Exiting the Game

Click EXIT to leave the game and return to the Casino Lobby.