12 Night of Xmas Slots in Sportbet Gold Casino


Free Games:

Wins from free games are added to the payline and scatter wins.

Reel symbols change with respect to the base game.

Free Games are played with the same lines and bet as the game that activated them.

Multiplier - Wins obtained in each free game are multiplied by the number of wild symbols obtained in each free game.






Bonus Games:

The objective of the game is to use your choices (1-7) to uncover up to 7 of the 8 hidden values. This is done by randomly selecting each of your choices 1 at a time to receive the reward underneath.

Options may contain no reward, however continue selecting the remaining choices. Once all your selections have been exhausted your total will be calculated and displayed on the screen.

Upon completion of the bonus game, the accumulated bonus wins along with the Scatter win amount will be added to your balance total.

Reel symbols may change with respect to the bonus game. The symbols found in the bonus game do not necessarily reflect the same values as the main game.

Win Lines:



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