2017 - 2018 College Football Sports Betting

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In this section there are a number of helpful tools to help this years College Football betting season be a winning one. Some of those features include updated to the minute College Football Lines for all of the division 1-A games this week.

Click on any of the links anytime to read up or receive all the NCAA football betting information a sports bettor could ask for.

We have compiled all the tools necessary to help you learn and succeed with any NCAA football betting you may do this year. If you feel you know enough and are ready to turn a profit betting on NCAA sports, check out College football betting at Sportbet

ESPN Thursday Night College Football Picks

Are you looking for College Football betting odds and lines, handicappers and handicapping picks? Plus in depth gambling, betting and wagering info for the best college football matchups that will be televised on ESPN this year. Find the best College football predictions and picks and spreads for online ncaa football betting action. As well as the top Thursday Night football football games at Sportbet Sportsbook.

Online sports betting has been developed in big industry. Online bookmakers can save you a lot of time, since you do not need to go to local bookmaker and place a bet. Now you can place a bet at any time of day and night without leaving the Privacy of your own home.

Online Sports betting can be so much fun, until you start losing of course. Here are some great sports betting Tips to keep you from becoming a sucker like 95 percent of all other sports bettors.

1. Stay Away From Televised Games Whenever Sports Betting: The public loves to bet on these games. The bookmakers know this and take full advantage. Most of the action is placed on these match ups, especially when the teams are marquee (i.e. Lakers vs. Knicks). But even with the televised college games, the bookies tend to focus just a little more effort on these. Try to bet on the most unpopular (and lower profile) match ups whenever possible. A Clipper/Bulls game might fit the bill.

2. Study and Never Rely Exclusively on Other People's Picks, Especially Pay Services: Historical stats and injury information is readily available now over the internet. Concentrate on only a handful of games.

3. Regional Experts: Become a regional expert (i.e. The Atlantic Division) when sports betting. Never attempt to bet every game on the board. You are just asking to lose.

4. Sign Up With More Than One Sportsbook when Sports Betting: There is good reason to do so. Sports betting incorporates a certain amount of shopping - as in line shopping. You alwayswant to find the best line on a particular match up to give you even the slightest edge. Some books are off from each other by as much as 2 points, even more on rare occasions. Even a half point difference can mean the world, especially betting teasers.

5. Realize the Risk Vs. Payouts: Sure three team parlays pay out big, but what are the odds of having all three of your teams win? With parlays, all the chosen teams must win. Chances are, if you select three teams, the odds are in your favor that two of the three teams will win. You walk away with some money (maybe not the big dollars expected from a winning parlay).

Never-the-less, parlays are a fun bet when playing with $20 or less per parlay, thrown into your regular straight wagering of course.

6. Bet Half Times And Quarters Whenever Possible: These are great since bookies are only human and they only have a brief window of time in which to act and adjust lines. Perhaps nothing favors a sports bettor more so than half time and quarter lines since we already have a feel for the overall tone of the game. It is doubtful that a star player performing so badly in the first half will suddenly turn into Superman when he steps back onto the field. Certain games will always get top priority from the bookmakers as well so focus on the least important of games. Sports betting can be quite profitable under these circumstances.

7. Stay Away From The Marquee Teams And Realize Home Adjustments: A large portion of today's offshore bookies originate from the New York City area. They brought with them a decent size customer base from the NYC metropolitan area. Expect the lines to be shaded on New York teams. By this we mean, bookies are likely to build rather large overlays on home town teams, knowing their players will bet them regardless. Likewise, teams like the Lakers will show up as big favorites much of the time as a second generation of bookmakers has moved offshore from the Pacific Coast.

8. Money Management: So vital! Don't press. Sports betting will always bare witness to severe droughts in winning. Having a bad day? Don't continue to bet on later games. Likewise, if you should make out huge early on, walk away. Most bookies rely on large early wins as a means of instilling confidence in bettors. This translate into customers placing even larger bets on late games. The law of averages sit in the bookmaker's favor since the odds of winning all games during a single day are very difficult to attain. Smart sports bettors understand how much they can wager on each event per day and manage their bank roll wisely.

9. Making Wrong Assumptions: Just because a key player has been injured does not necessarily mean a team will not cover. Remember, the bookie usually has this same injury information before you do and has adjusted the line accordingly, always assuming the public will be betting on the other side.

10. External Conditions Are Important: This is most important when it comes to outdoor sports like football. We suggest placing bets early (maybe four days in advance) should a significant weather event be forecasted for football games. The first and last month of the regular season often play a critical role when it comes to temperature factors. Cold weather teams will normally have a difficult time playing in the heat and humidity of Miami as an example. Likewise, the warm weather teams are known to stagger later on in locales such as Buffalo, Green Bay and New England. Extreme wind and rain conditions will wreak havoc on the overall totals (play the UNDER in these situations prior to a line's adjustment).

2018 College Football Sports Betting

Got a hunch about who's going to win The 2017-2018 College football Championship this year? Betting college football is fun and often profitable since you can place prop bets on individual football players.

Check out the odds on our College football futures and put your money where your mouth is. Sign up with Sportbet and recieve College Football Odds on everything from the College Bowl games to odds on weekly college games.

Each week there will be a fairly comprehensive listing of betting lines offered by Sportbet on the different College football games.

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