Opening a Sportbet Account Is a Sure Thing

Exciting games, non-stop action and hundreds of ways to win is what players discover at Sportbet. The goal of Sportbet is to make each wagering experience fun, profitable and simple to navigate. Live help is available 24 hours a day to answer any questions or concerns.

Opening a Sportbet account is easy. Click on the Register Here link and complete the required information. Once your account is submitted, Sportbet will send an email confirmation to your address. Once you receive confirmation, you can log in to Sportbet system and test drive the different wagering areas.

All that remains is funding your account. Then you can join the exciting world of online wagering. If you are ready, go to the registration page and fill out your account information. Otherwise, feel free to take your time and review the following information on Sportbet specific forms of wagering:

Sports Bettor Casino Player Lottery Player Poker Player Horse Bettor

Sports Betting at Sportbet Hits a Home Run

Sportbet offers betting on more sports and more games at any time. If your interest is an Eastern European water polo tournament, Sportbet is your source to place a wager. What about the National Football League? You can place dozens of wagers on the same game with multiple point spreads and moneylines.

Sportbet gives you the home-field advantage in sports wagering with the best odds and the best value by offering you an incredible variety of Reduced Juice options. Wager live, during the game with Live In-Play Wagering on a variety of sports. Around-the-clock wagering by phone or on the Web gives you the power of convenience. Make the smart choice today and register with Sportbet.

Sportbet' Casino Gaming is the Las Vegas of the Web

Sportbet offers you five distinctly unique Casinos to choose from – The Bonus Casino, The Live Dealer Casino, The Rebate Casino, The Cashback Casino and the MatchPlay Casino. Each casino offers something a little different to suit every personal style. All of the Casinos offer an incredible variety of games with some of the best payouts.

The Bonus Casino even offers an incredibly unique gaming opportunity with Blackjack Tournament competition. With minimum wagers of 25 cents on most games, The Casinos at Sportbet offer an electric environment of fun games that are easy to use, with help screens and around-the-clock service to answer any questions. You can also earn great bonuses and generous rewards at Sportbet. To ensure the fairness of all games, Sportbet Bonus Casino has been certified by a third party. Certified Fair Gambling has awarded Sportbet Bonus Casino with its RTP Certification.

Sportbet is ready to meet all of your wagering needs. Make the smart choice today and register with Sportbet.

Sportbet’ Racebooks are the Favorite

Start earning daily cash rebates on all your horse wagers in Sportbet Rebate Racebook. The Rebate Racebook offers players wagering at all your favorite tracks nationwide and also pays a cash rebate of up to 9% on your daily bet volume, win or lose, every single day.

Or place your wagers in the Plus 10% Racebook where you can earn 10 percent more on win and exotic bets placed at major tracks. We know that horse players demand the best when wagering. That's why Sportbet goes the extra mile and caters to every wagering need, providing some of the best values and straightforward software.

Around-the-clock wagering by phone or on the Web gives you the power of convenience. Make the smart choice today and register with Sportbet.

Cover the Country with your Lottery Picks at Sportbet

Did you ever have your lottery number hit in another state? At Sportbet you can wager on your favorite numbers based on any state's Pick 3 or Pick 4 drawings. You also can wager on whether the Mega Millions or Power Ball hits.

Sportbet offers some of the best values. You'll earn 80 percent higher payouts. A $1 winning Pick 3 ticket pays $900 and a winning Pick 4 ticket pays $9,000. That's almost double what the same winning ticket will pay in your state lottery. Like all of Sportbet' betting software, the lottery gaming system is easy to use.

Make the smart choice today and register with Sportbet.