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Dear SportBet.

I would like to take the time to Thank you and ATB Forum for having such a Great Basketball Contest. I was Lucky enough to be one of the Final contestants in the SPORTBET $2000 BASKETBALL Contest On ATB Forum. Your generous contribution to these forums allows players like me to take advantage of such a great Sportsbook. I have spoken to your customer service department, and the Instant i called, they knew that i was one of the winners, and they credited my account $500.

It's Sportsbooks like your that keeps the faith in me. I am very happy that SportBet and ATB Forum combined to bring us such a great contest, and I will definatly remain a SportBet Clients for the future.

Once again, I thank Ms. Iliana at Sportbet, there staff and managers, and Also BigLou, Mr Horsewatcher and the entire ATB Forum for there great

Thank You
Mr Edwardo Smith


Thank you for the outstanding SPORTBET $2000 BASKETBALL Contest at ATB!

I really enjoy your sportsbook and all of the great promotions like the -105 Tuesday, and the free half point on Thursday. Thanks for the great selection of sports and lines available!!

Again thanks for the contest,the wonderful customer service, and the site. You have a loyal customer in the future!



Nothing better than keeping your interest level high in a particular sport than a well managed contest on a very informative, highly competitive sports internet site. I feel quite fortunate to have been able to hang in for a 5th place tie and collect the $125 prize money considering all the greatcapperson the site.

My thanks go out again to Sportbet, ATB Forum and Horsewatcher for sponsoring, hosting and moderating this fun $2000 Sportbet NBA contest.

Yours Truly

Great contest!

Loved the concept. Sportbet has great people in customer service that allways have the answer when I have a problem. Good book, never had a problem getting a payout from them. Also, -105 Tues and free half point Thurs are great promotions. Things that I feel can be improved on: lack of ML's for college hoops, better odds on golf, more props available on boxing. Overall a good book, with good customer service.



As for the contest though, The NFL team Challenge contest was a nice twist on the standard NFL contest. Looking forward to playing in it next year. As for the contest though, The NFL team Challenge contest was a nice twist


One of the winners of SPORTBET $5000 at NFL Team Challenge Contest at FantasyBetsZone

I think the contest was great, having matchups each week kept it interesting. Sportbet got my account credited quickly and we worked out the details of the contest no problem. Their -105 on hoops and free half point days are nice. even though those won't count for my rollover, I am still taking advantage of those promotions. Also been able to find some "different" lines, which is always nice.