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2014 Super Bowl Parlay Bets

Building any Super Bowl XLVIII parlay bet comes down to you as a gambler. You can really swing for the fences with less risk by constructing a profitable parlay bet that ties the spread or moneyline with the TOTAL.

2014 Super Bowl Parlay Betting Picks

Why You Should Bet On The Seahawks

The Seahawks are an insanely complete team, and the last time that the league’s best defense met the strongest offense, the Bucs crushed the Raiders. I know that there were extra circumstances (i.e. Jon Gruden) but you can’t ignore how emphatic this defense has been all season. And in the playoffs, they have been insanely resilient which is why a lot of people are building their Super Bowl XLVIII parlay bets with a moneyline play on Seattle.

From Marshawn Lynch against a weak defensive line, that secondary against a talented receiving corps and the Seahawks front-seven putting pressure on Manning, there’s simply a lot to like about Seattle. And they might be a safer bet if you truly believe the weather is going to play a factor. Bad weather creates a perfect environment for the side that boasts a stronger rushing game and a better defense up front. That’s Seattle in spades.

Why You Should Bet On The Broncos

I can’t write anything here that you don’t already know. Peyton Manning is The Man. He has the best offensive from a statistical and talent perspective. Perhaps the most underrated part of this team is the offensive line, which bullies opposing defenses, allowed the fewest sacks in the league and also helped a relatively average runner like Knowshon Moreno pile up 1,000+ yards and 12 touchdowns this year.

That’s the thing about Denver – they’re diverse. They have a lot of options offensively, and their running attack is better than you think. And one of the biggest reasons to favor the Broncos, and thusly build you Super Bowl XLVIII parlay bets around them, is that the rules simply favor the offense of any team. Penalties are the looming x-factor for the Seahawks and Denver can absolutely take advantage of a few pass interference or defensive offside calls.

Beyond that, this just seems like Peyton Manning’s year, doesn’t it? He opened the by kicking the hell out of the defending champion Baltimore Ravens, went on to have the greatest season by any quarterback in NFL history, and can now earn his second championship which would completely solidify his legacy as one of the greatest ever. There’s been no stopping Manning. Even if you love the Seahawks defense, you have to be terrified of what Manning can do in this game. The underlying theme of Super Bowl XLVIII is that this is Manning’s moment.

Why You Should Bet The Under

The weather could be awful. Seattle’s defense could stifle the Denver defense. These are the two main reasons to stack the UNDER in your Super Bowl XLVIII parlay bet. It’s also impossible to dismiss the fact that both teams are 0-10 O/U in their last 10 games combined. The Broncos have seen game totals of just 41 and 42 points against San Diego and New England and averaged 25.0 points in the playoffs so far. There’s as much of a chance of Denver playing it safe in an effort to avoid mistakes as there is of them blowing up the scoreboard at MetLife.

Personally I hate betting the under on any game outside of hockey, but I can’t deny that there’s a lot of reasons to prefer that play in this game, especially if the total shades up to 48.0 by game time. Right now the total is hovering around the 47.0 mark.

Why You Should Bet The Over

The overwhelming preference in this game is the UNDER, but there are plenty of reasons to hope for an OVER here with reasonable odds.

First, Denver is the highest scoring team in the league. Second, Seattle can score in bunches in their own right with season highs of 45 against Jacksonville, 34 against Arizona and New Orleans along with 33 against Atlanta. And both kickers in this game are amongst the best in the league. There’s going to be a lot of opportunities for points in this game. That’s all I’m saying. Besides would you rather cheer for points or punts?

Super Bowl XLVIII Parlay Bets – DEN or SEA ML and OVER

I’m not going to tell you who to bet on because the betting line is so small, and if you’re one of the few making Super Bowl XLVIII parlay bets you’re already increasing your payout odds so you might as well remove a bit of risk by betting on the moneyline (ML) as opposed to the spread. You can bet against Peyton Manning who can either explode or implode, or bet against Seattle coming up short in the big game. It’s really up to you.

Whatever you choose to do, however, go against the grain and take the OVER because there’s no reason to believe that either offense will be tepid in this matchup. However, if you’re asking me which Super Bowl XLVIII parlay bets I prefer, I would take Denver on the moneyline with the OVER.

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Which Players Could Lose You Your Super Bowl Bet?

Which Players Could Lose You Your 2014 Super Bowl Bet?

Sometimes we spend too much time over-hyping the stars of the championship game, so instead lets focus on which players could lose you your Super Bowl bet. For each player involved, let’s assume that you placed a bet on their team to win either straight up or on the betting line which is hovering in the DEN -3.0 range. Below are five players that could definitely turn the tide against their own team. Three of them you know, and you probably haven’t heard about the fourth.

Super Bowl XLVIII
The Denver Broncos are 2 point favorites over the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII.
Starts: 02/02/2014 6:30PM
MetLife Stadium, One MetLife Stadium Dr.
East Rutherford, New Jersey

Which Players Could Lose You Your 2014 Super Bowl Bet?

PEYTON MANNING (Quarterback – Denver Broncos)

Let’s start with the most obvious. This Super Bowl could very well make or break the legacy of Peyton Manning. Getting the job done when it’s just a regular game, or even a playoff game, is all fine and well but the truly legendary players find a way to come through when the stakes are at their highest. It’s why the conversation concerning Tom Brady over Peyton Manning has some weight to it. Manning is a stat monster and a regular season devourer of worlds, but he has just one ring in two Super Bowl appearances.

And in the big game, Manning hasn’t played all that well. In his first win over Chicago, Manning threw 25-of-38 passes for 247 yards and 1 touchdown along with 1 interception. That gave him a quarterback rating of 81.8, which isn’t that great. To put this in perspective, that’s the third lowest rating of a Super Bowl winning quarterback since the turn of the century. Only 2001 Tom Brady and Brad Johnson had lower quarterback ratings.

In his other Super Bowl appearance against New Orleans, Manning completed a whopping 31-of-45 passes for 333 yards while also managing a touchdown and the game losing interception. So when you’re openly wondering which players could lose you your Super Bowl bet, Manning’s name springs to the forefront because he’s already lost the big game before.

Listen, his numbers aren’t bad but they aren’t great either. Like championships, we define great quarterbacks by touchdowns in the big games. Call it The Walter Payton Corollary if you will. It’s not how many yards Manning amasses – it’s the scores and the turnovers. Facing a vindictive secondary is going to be a challenge for a man who is under more pressure than anyone else. If Manning isn’t able to find the end zone on a regular basis, he’s not going to be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. There’s a growing sentiment that the 2013 version of Manning is far different than every other rendition, but the history is there. And it doesn’t tell an appealing story.

RICHARD SHERMAN (Cornerback – Seattle Seahawks)

If you open your mouth as much as Sherman does, you’re going to end up with a target on your back. People are betting on the Seahawks as if Sherman is going to have a big impact on the game. When you consider which players could lose you your Super Bowl bet, Sherman has to be included in the discussion. So, will Manning throw in Sherman’s direction? It depends on a few things, like how windy it is. But it’s also contingent on the matchup.

Demaryius Thomas and Sherman could engage in a monumental war for the ball if that’s how things shake up, but Sherman has also been dispatched to cover tight ends so it won’t surprise me if and when he ends up covering Julius Thomas, and that could be a big problem. Julius is a huge guy with a massive frame that even Sherman will have trouble defending, and if the tight-end gets rolling early the Seahawks will have no choice but to assign the 6-foot-3 Sherman on the big man.

On top of all that, Sherman was penalized ten times which is the second most amongst corner backs (Janoris Jenkins of St. Louis had 12). And these were blatant penalties like taunting, unnecessary roughness, holding and five pass interference calls. He’s a brash, young player and that could lead to some ill-advised pick attempts that lead to flags being pulled against him. He could be a hero, but he can also be a goat and in this case that doesn’t refer to greatest-of-all-time.

ORLANDO FRANKLIN (Right Guard – Denver)

Of all players in the NFL, Franklin was the tenth most penalized player on a per game basis with 0.556 penalties per match. These were pretty balanced as well. He was called for 7 holding penalties and two false starts along with an illegal downfield penalty. Franklin is not who the Broncos wanted at right tackle but they were stuck with him when a variety of injuries occurred along the line. An untimely penalty for holding or an unintended pre-play jump could cost the Broncos pivotal yards at the wrong time. Franklin may not be gaining any headlines yet, but he will if he doesn’t tone down his mistakes. I know you didn’t consider Franklin when you asked yourself which players could lose you your Super Bowl bet, but I guarantee he’s on your radar now.

RUSSELL WILSON (Quarterback – Seattle Seahawks)

I just don’t know how Wilson handles the pressure of this game. At one point or another, Wilson will have to throw the ball and he attempted the fewest passes of any quarterback not named Colin Kaepernick this season. He’s not as proven as a pocket passer as people want to believe, and his highlight reel shows flashes of brilliance which make us forget that he’s not a consistently amazing thrower. Don’t get caught up in the idea of Russell Wilson – he can make astoundingly effective throws from time to time, but the reality of Russell Wilson is that he’s a second year player who could very well be overshadowed by the moment. That’s why he rounds out the list of which players could lose you your Super Bowl bet – many young quarterbacks have come before him, faced a similar situation…and failed.

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Top 7 Reasons Peyton Manning is more of a thug than Richard Sherman

Is Peyton More Of A Thug Than Richard Sherman?

The day after the Seahawks’ win, the word “thug” was uttered 625 times on American television, or more than on any single day in at least three years. Here is the story you never heard.

Top 7 Reasons Peyton Manning Is More of a Thug Than Richard Sherman

“You were merely adopted by the thug life; I was born in it, molded by it.” – Anonymous

1. Peyton Has A Strain Of Marijuana Named After Him

Super Bowl 48 is being hailed as The Bud Bowl, The Stoner Bowl, The Weed Bowl. Both teams come from states that have legalized recreational marijuana. Not soon after Denver legalized a strain of marijuana bearing the name of Peyton Manning began making the local rounds.

FULL DISCLOSURE: A strain named after Marshawn Lynch was also created.

2. Music Video Street Cred

3. Peyton Can Make It Rain

And I’m not talking touchdowns. Peyton earned $173.6 million before his 35th birthday as a member of the Colts, and signed a lucrative, year-by-year, $96.5 million contract for five seasons with the Broncos. He’s going to get paid well over a quarter-billion to play football. This doesn’t include his endorsement deals either which is estimated at well over another $100 million. It’s astonishing, especially when you compare it to the 4 year, $2.2 million contract Richard Sherman has. So far, Sherman has made a grand total of $1.531 million in his career. Manning’s game checks were $1.125 million in 2013. He made as much in two weeks as Sherman has over the course of his three-year career.

4. Chartiy Work With Children

The video tells the whole story. Not only does Peyton go out of his way to tattoo children, use them to pick up hot chicks and bean them in the skull with the pigskin, he guides them through life’s most important lessons – like how to break in to cars. What’s more thug than that?

5. He Also Feeds Stoners

On November 6th, the state of Colorado decriminalized marijuana. On November 8th, Peyton Manning bought 21 Papa John’s franchises. Coincidence? I think not. There are also completely unfounded rumors that Manning Incorporated attempted a hostile takeover of the Frito-Lay company so that he could monopolize the Funion industry.

6. Manning Doesn’t Sell Records – He Breaks Them

Peyton has 43 regular season records, another 13 playoff records, four rookie records, 9 Pro Bowl records, 58 franchise records with the Colts and another 10 with the Denver Broncos. That’s 133 records in his professional career. Richard Sherman has 0 records.

7. He’s Got The Bling To Prove It

Last time I checked, one Super Bowl ring is more than none. And while Richard Sherman talks a big game, he’s not even in the discussion when it comes to Defender of the Year, and while it’s totally adorable that he won Defensive Player of the Week three times, Manning has won four league MVP’s. Sherman may have been born in to the thug life, but Manning lives and breathes it every day.

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