Oregon Ducks vs. UCLA Bruins

Unranked Pac-12 Power Teams Prepare For Battle

These two teams find themselves on the lower part of the spectrum this season as they are accustomed to being ranked in the top 25 of the Country, this year they are not only unranked but this game could have very big implications on who might make the NCAA tournament. Both of them are offensively oriented but the Bruins do have the upper hand on the defensive end with their size and speed as where the Ducks prefer to play a zone oriented defense.

Oregon Ducks vs. UCLA Bruins
The Oregon Ducks and UCLA Bruins clash in a Pac-12 Thursday Night meeting.
Starts: 02/27/2014 11:00PM
Pauley Pavillion, 555 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, Califonia


Oregon is ten games above .500 and have looked very convincing against good teams but they have had issues in their conference play as they are 2 games below the even mark in the Pac-12. The Bruins happen to be one of the top programs in this conference so things are even more important for these Ducks to make some noise and get seen. Making sure they set up their designed plays will be the most important part of this game for Oregon, they need to use the clock to their advantage in order to get the looks they need to stay pretty high scoring game.

UCLA runs a very efficient offense, they push the ball into the post and run their sets from there, they play much better with their backs to the rime as they are known for their rebounding and second chance opportunities. Their guards are fast and set very good picks for others to get open on but they need to apply pressure early to get a lead and pull away, if they allow Oregon to stay in this one it could back fire late in the game.

The Bruins are -12 in this game because of their post game, they pride themselves on rebounding and led their conference on both sides of the court, take the Bruins in this game as they will pull away early in this one.

Arkansas Razorbacks vs. (17) Kentucky Wildcats

The Razorbacks Have Something To Prove Here

This is one of those games that Arkansas has been waiting for, a chance at a real opportunity to beat their SEC rival Wildcats, the thing to remember about this game is that the Razorbacks have not beaten Kentucky in their last 12 seasons, this could be a game changer for Arkansas if they are able to pull this win off. The Wildcats are usually one of the courtiers top programs but this year, injuries and a difficult recruiting process as well hurt them and they are vulnerable to teams that have something to prove.

Arkansas Razorbacks vs. (17) Kentucky Wildcats
The Arkansas Razorbacks and the (17) Kentucky Wildcats meet this Thursday in an SEC matchup.
Starts: 02/27/2014 7:00PM
Rupp Arena, 430 West Vine St.
Lexington, Kentucky


Arkansas knows this is a chance that may not come back for another 10 season´s, they need to approach this game as if it was for all the marbles, with face up hard defense and ball protection they have a chance to really stay in this game and make a run in the second half. The key factor for this team here will be ball control, they need to take the best shot available while at the same time forcing the Wildcats out of the lane.

Kentucky is in water they have not seen in years, they are so used to being one of the top teams in the Nation but with recent injuries and most of their starters leaving last season for the NBA they have found themselves in a type of rebuilding process. They are still 11-3 overall in SEC play, but this game will be a defensive nightmare because of the Razorbacks size and depth in the forward position. Kentucky comes into this game -8.5 at home and as much as Arkansas wants this game I just cannot see them getting passed the Wildcats, they just lack experience late in close games.

(22) Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Penn State Nittany Lions

Ohio State On A Mission This Season After Slow Start

This is a Big Ten conference game between the Buckeyes and the Lions as Penn State looks to revenge their 30 point blow out to Ohio State from last season. It was their worst loss of the year and they have been waiting for the chance at revenge, this season however has not been what they expected they have lost games to subpar teams that has destroyed any chance of getting a call to the big dance but the NIT tournament is still a possibility if they change their ways.

NCAAB – (22) Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Penn State Nittany Lions
The Ohio State Buckeyes and the Penn State Nittany Lions meet in a Thursday Big Ten matchup in College Basketball.
Starts: 02/27/2014 7:00PM
Bryce Jordan Center, 127 Bryce Jordan Center
University Park, Pennsylvania


Ohio State on the other hand has really improved on their outing from last season, even with the loss of a few of their starters to the League they have pulled together and come out with a good recruiting class that has elevated this team to a 22-6 record. The interesting thing is that all six of their losses have come to Big Ten conference teams, something that should add a little extra momentum for the Nittany Lions as they come into this one.

Penn State has a difficult road ahead of them, Ohio State moves the ball well and is very aggressive under the rim on defense, an important part of this game for the Lions will be their second chance opportunities because the Buckeyes do not give them away easily. Pushing the game´s tempo and forcing the Buckeyes to stick to perimeter shooting will give Penn State a chance to attack the rim on offense and look for the foul early.

Ohio State is -17 in this game because of the Nittany Lions defensive problems in recent games, after watching a few of the Buckeyes games this year they have too much offense to hold back, the Lions are not going to be able to defend them or keep them out of the perimeter, take Ohio State in this game.