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Odds & Picks To Win The Premier League Title

Odds & Picks To Win The Premier League Title

The past Premier League season was an absolute thriller as Chelsea won the title despite not being the prohibitive favorite a year ago. Now, as we get set for quickly approaching 2017-18 campaign, all eyes are on the defending champs, the prohibitive favorites and the teams with the best chances of upsetting either.

Can Chelsea go back-to-back after not being named the favorite to do just that? Can Manchester City live up to its billing as the prohibitive favorites to win it all this coming season or will some long shot title contender pull off the upset for the ages? If you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers.

2017-18 Odds & Picks To Win The Premier League Title

2017-18 PL Title Odds
Club July 29
Manchester City +180
Chelsea +350
Manchester United +360
Tottenham +900
Arsenal +1150
Liverpool +1300
Everton +6000
Leicester +30000
Southampton +50000
West Ham +50000
Newcastle +55000
Stoke City +100000
Bournemouth +100000
Swansea +100000
Crystal Palace +100000
West Bromwich +100000
Brighton +150000
Burnley +150000
Watford +150000
Huddersfield +200000

The Favorite Pick To Win: Manchester City +180

Will Man City have defensive problems that cause them to come up short in their quest to win the Premier League title in 2017? Manager, Pep apparently needs to re-think his defense-first philosophy and let his newly signed best striker, Aguero, fire away early and often.

Man City added a quartet of stars that cost them a whopping 150 million euros in Aguero, Fernandinho, Sane and Sterling. They’re the favorites simply based on their roster talent level, but will Man City come together to form a cohesive unit or will it be every man for himself? Talent doesn’t always equal chemistry, but Manchester City has plenty of it.

The Smart Pick To Win: Chelsea +350

For me, I like the defending champions to really challenge for consecutive titles if only because they’ve got so many doubters. I like the way Chelsea has kept their core of Hazard, Kante, Luiz, Courtois, Azpi, Pedro and Alonso intact and believe their failure to sign a new player as of yet, was a calculated move that could pay dividends later in the season. The major concern for Chelsea will be finding a suitable replacement for Diego Costa.

The Longshot Pick: Liverpool +1300

You may not know it, but last season, it was Liverpool that recorded the best head-to-head record among the top six teams in the Premier League. Manager, Klopp still needs to sort out his goal keeping issues and the often perplexing inconsistency that his team can show, particularly against mediocre opponents and Liverpool could use a few more big players, but for me, they’re a great longshot title hopeful at +1200 odds.

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Odds & Picks To Win Super Bowl LI

Odds & Picks To Win Super Bowl LII

After watching New England overcome the four-game suspension of future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady to win Super Bowl 51 with a historic comeback for the ages, it’s no wonder the perennially-powerful Patriots have been installed as the prohibitive favorites to repeat as league champs in 2017.

Now, with the upcoming 2017 regular season drawing closer by the day, NFL football betting enthusiasts everywhere need to know if someone…hell, anyone…can stop the Pats from winning back-to-back Vince Lombardi trophies.

Odds & Picks To Win Super Bowl LII

Odds as of July 26.

Super Bowl LII Odds
New England Patriots 6-1 5-2
Dallas Cowboys 10-1 8-1
Seattle Seahawks 12-1 10-1
Oakland Raiders 20-1 10-1
Pittsburgh Steelers 10-1 12-1
Green Bay Packers 12-1 12-1
Atlanta Falcons 16-1 12-1
New York Giants 25-1 20-1
Carolina Panthers 20-1 30-1
Kansas City Chiefs 20-1 30-1
Minnesota Vikings 25-1 30-1
Arizona Cardinals 25-1 30-1
Baltimore Ravens 25-1 30-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 40-1 30-1
Tennessee Titans 40-1 30-1
Houston Texans 60-1 30-1
Philadelphia Eagles 60-1 40-1
Denver Broncos 20-1 40-1
Miami Dolphins 40-1 40-1
Indianapolis Colts 25-1 50-1
Detroit Lions 60-1 50-1
New Orleans Saints 80-1 50-1
Cincinnati Bengals 50-1 60-1
Los Angeles Chargers 80-1 60-1
Jacksonville Jaguars 80-1 80-1
Los Angeles Rams 100-1 80-1
Washington Redskins 50-1 80-1
Buffalo Bills 80-1 100-1
Chicago Bears 100-1 100-1
New York Jets 100-1 200-1
San Francisco 49ers 300-1 200-1
Cleveland Browns 300-1 300-1

The Favorite Pick To Win Super Bowl LII: New England 5/1

It doesn’t matter if you’re a die-hard Patriots fan that lives for every Tom Brady TD pass or you hate the Pats with every fiber in your being. The fact of the matter is that there are reasons why New England is favored to win this coming season’s Super Bowl title.

Maybe it’s the fact that Tom Brady is going to go down as arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history. Maybe it’s because head coach Bill Belichick is similarly going to be remembered as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, head coach of all-time.

The Pats could be favored to win Super Bowl 52 because they finished third in scoring a year ago (27.6 ppg) and first in points allowed (15.6 ppg) or maybe it’s because they made a series of smart offseason moves that actually improved their roster. Whichever reason you like best, it looks like it’s going to take a Herculean effort to stop the Patriots from winning consecutive Super Bowls.

The Smart Pick To Win: Seattle 12/1

I know the Seahawks aren’t quite as dominating as they were a few seasons ago when they won Super Bowl 48 and narrowly lost Super Bowl 49, but right now, I don’t see many reasons why Seattle won’t be one of the very best contenders to win Super Bowl 52 this coming season.

Yes, the Seahawks need to improve an offense that ranked a modest 18th in scoring, and uninspiring 25th in rushing, but I believe they addressed their needs on that side of the ball by signing power running back Eddie Lacy in free agency and will have a healthier Thomas Rawls in 2017.

As far as defense is concerned, Seattle isn’t very far off their ‘Legion of Boom’ heyday, seeing as how they finished the 2016season ranked seventh in total defense, eighth against the pass, seventh against the run and a stellar third in points allowed (18.2 ppg).

With their outstanding defense leading the way and an improved, time-eating rushing attack that is reminiscent of the days when Marshawn Lynch was at his ‘Beast Mode’ best, I’m expecting the Seahawks to get back to being the best team in the NFC in 2017 at the very least. A Super Bowl rematch against the Patriots will simply be gravy on top of what I’m expecting to be a fantastic 2017 season in the Great Northwest.

The Long Shot Pick: Houston Texans 40/1

Maybe it’s me, but instead of looking at the Houston Texans’ failures the last three seasons, I find it absolutely incredible that head coach Bill O’Brien has been able to get his team to record three straight 9-7 records – with virtually no competent play out of the quarterback position.

Now, with either veteran Tom Savage – or for me – ‘super-gifted’ rookie Deshaun Watson – under center, I believe the sky‘s the limit for Houston heading into the 2017 regular season. Houston has a solid rushing attack with Lamar Miller as the starter and powerful rookie D’Onta Freeman coming on board and they’ll be very good on defense again despite losing three starters in free agency.

Superstar defensive end J.J. Watt returns to a unit that ranked first overall last season and I expect him to team up with Jadeveon Clowney to from arguably the most fearsome duo of defensive ends in the league. Yes, the Texans are a longshot, but their defense is so good, they’ll have a legitimate chance to beat just about anyone in a one-game setting.

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Packers Vs Panthers Odds & Expert Pick

Odds & Picks To Win The 2017 NFL MVP

If you’re thinking about betting on the possible winner of the 2017 NFL MVP award, the first thing you need to know is that there’s a very strong possibility that a quarterback will win the award.

Four straight – and four different – signal-callers have won the league’s MVP award after former Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson won the coveted award in 2012. Prior to that, the league’s MVP award was also won by a quarterback in each of the previous five seasons with Tom Brady bagging two (2007, 2010), now retired future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning nabbing two others (2008,2009) and Green Bay Packers superstar Aaron Rodgers winning the other (2011).

Since the award was created in 1957, more quarterbacks have won the prestigious award (40) than every other position combined (21). 18 winners have been running backs, one was Hall of Fame defensive tackle (Alan Page in 1971), one was a place kicker (Mark Moseley in 1982) and one was taken home by incomparable Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor in 1986.

In other words, since a whopping 95 percent of past winners have either been quarterbacks or running backs or quarterbacks, you’ll probably want to avoid betting on electrifying wide receivers like Atlanta’s Julio Jones or New York’s popular Odell Beckham Jr.

2017 NFL MVP Odds & Picks

Player Odds
Tom Brady (NE) +450
Aaron Rodgers (GB) +700
Derek Carr (OAK) +900
Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) +1000
Dak Prescott (DAL) +1200
Russell Wilson (SEA) +1200
Matt Ryan (ATL) +1600
Ezekiel Elliott (DAL) +2000
Cam Newton (CAR) +2500
Andrew Luck (IND) +2500
Drew Brees (NO) +2500
David Johnson (ARZ) +3300
Marcus Mariota (TEN) +3300
Le’Veon Bell (PIT) +3300
Antonio Brown (PIT) +5000
Julio Jones (ATL) +5000
Carson Palmer (ARZ) +5000
Sam Bradford (MIN) +5000
Matthew Stafford (DET) +5000
Eli Manning (NYG) +5000
Philip Rivers (LAC) +5000
Adrian Peterson (NO) +5000
Jameis Winston (TB) +5000
Kirk Cousins (WSH) +5000
Alex Smith (KC) +6600
Ryan Tannehill (MIA) +6600
Odell Beckham Jr. (NYG) +6600
JJ Watt (HOU) +6600
Rob Gronkowski (NE) +6600
Khalil Mack (OAK) +6600
TY Hilton (IND) +10000
Von Miller (DEN) +10000
Andy Dalton (CIN) +10000
Carson Wentz (PHI) +10000
Joe Flacco (BAL) +10000
Marshawn Lynch (OAK) +10000
LeSean McCoy (BUF) +10000
Blake Bortles (JAX) +10000
DeMarco Murray (TEN) +10000

The Favorite Pick: Tom Brady +450

It’s funny that, while Brady could go down as the greatest quarterback in NFL history, he’s only got two league MVP awards, which is one fewer than one-time Super Bowl winner Brett Favre. No matter though, Brady is the favorite after completing a blistering 67.4 percent of his passes last season for 3,354 yards with 28 touchdown passes and just two interceptions while leading his New England Patriots to a historic comeback win over Atlanta in Super Bowl 51.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Brady did all of this in just 12 games after being forced by commissioner Roger Goodell to sit out the first four games of the season for his alleged role in the now infamous Deflategate scandal? Maybe it’s me, but just looking at his career timeline, it looks like Brady is due to win another MVP award if you ask me.

The Wiseguy Pick: Aaron Rodgers +700

For me, Aaron Rodgers is the smart pick to win his second career MVP award seeing as how he passed for a stellar 4,428 yards with a whopping 40 touchdown passes and just seven interceptions while completing an efficient 65.7 percent of his passes. More importantly, Rodgers led the Green Bay Packers to a solid 10-6 record and a spot in the NFC Championship game – all after saying that he and his teammates would ‘run the table’ by winning their final six regular season games after a very slow start to the 2016 season.

The bottom line is that there aren’t many if any, quarterbacks as good as Aaron Rodgers in the league today, including Tom Brady. Make no mistake about it, another outstanding regular season that results in a double-digit winning campaign and Rodgers could win the 2017 MVP award!

The Long Shot: Jameis Winston +5000

Winston has passed for over 4,00 yards in each of his two seasons in the league and although he’s tossed double-digit interceptions both times, clearly the former Florida State signal-caller is a franchise quarterback – and a winner that takes pride in his craft. After completing a modest 58.3 percent of his passes as a rookie two years ago, Winston upped that figure to 60.8% last season and will likely continue his maturation process in 2017 from everything I’ve seen.

More importantly, after leading the Buccaneers to a fine, 9-7 record in 2016 and adding two gifted pass-catchers in speedy veteran wideout DeSean Jackson and rookie tight end O.J. Howard, the sky’s the limit for Winston and the Buccaneers moving forward, even if he is a real longshot to bag the 2017 MVP award.

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