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Odds & Picks 2019 Super Bowl

Odds & Picks 2019 Super Bowl

It is never too early to bet on the Super Bowl and that’s why 2019’s Super Bowl odds are out.

Odds & Picks 2019 Super Bowl

What: Super Bowl 53
When: Sunday, February 3rd, 2019
Where: Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia
Watch: CBS
Stream: CBS Sports

The Favorite To Win Super Bowl 53: New England Patriots +350

Look, by now, no one should be surprised that the New England Patriots are prohibitive favorites to win the Super Bowl every season these days. The Pats ranked fifth in points allowed this past season while also finishing first in total offense, second in passing and second in points scored (28.6 ppg). More importantly, are you willing to bet against arguably the game’s greatest quarterback, (Tom Brady) and head coach (Bill Belichick)?

You may not like the Pats, but you’ve got to respect their ability to contend each and every season no matter who’s on their roster – and next season should be no different as long as Brady and Belichick are joined at the hip.

The Smart Pick To Win Super Bowl 53: Philadelphia Eagles +850

No matter what happens in Super Bowl 52, the Philadelphia Eagles now look like they’re going to be perennial title contenders for a handful of reasons. First and foremost, they’ve got a super-talented star-in-the-making that is now, clearly one of the best young quarterbacks in the league in Carson Wentz. The second-year signal-caller had a phenomenal season by passing for a stellar 3,296 yards with 33 touchdowns and seven interceptions.

More importantly, Wentz clearly has progressed into a QB that can win a Super Bowl sooner than later. Not only that, but the Eagles have a phenomenal defense that ranked fourth in points allowed (18.4 ppg) and a really good head coach that has shown some exemplary game-planning skills this season. In short, I think Philly will be legitimate title contenders for years to come if they can overcome the Super Bowl hangover that has most recently hit the Falcons and the Panthers in the last two seasons.

The Sneaky Pick To Win Super Bowl 53: San Francisco 49ers +2000

The San Francisco 49ers are apparently, a great pick to pull off the big Super Bowl upset, seeing as how they totally hit a home run with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. All the Niners did with Jimmy G under center was win five straight games to close out the regular season while beating a pair of playoff participants their last two game and scoring at least 34 points in both affairs.

The future in San Francisco is now so bright you need a pair of sunglasses…and apparently, this is why Bill Belichick didn’t want to trade Tom Brady’s backup. Another smart draft and some wise free agent acquisitions could put Frisco in the mix to upset the entire apple cart next season, even if no one saw it coming.

Full 2019 Super Bowl Odds

  • New England Patriots +350
  • Green Bay Packers +800
  • Philadelphia Eagles +850
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +1000
  • Minnesota Vikings +1200
  • Los Angeles Rams +1750
  • Houston Texans +1850
  • New Orleans Saints +1850
  • San Francisco 49ers +2000
  • Dallas Cowboys +2000
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +2000
  • Atlanta Falcons +2000
  • Oakland Raiders +2100
  • Seattle Seahawks +2500
  • Carolina Panthers +2500
  • Kansas City Chiefs +3000
  • Los Angeles Chargers +3000
  • Denver Broncos +4000
  • Indianapolis Colts +4000
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +4000
  • Tennessee Titans +5000
  • Detroit Lions +5000
  • Baltimore Ravens +5000
  • Arizona Cardinals +5000
  • New York Giants +5500
  • Washington Redskins +7000
  • Miami Dolphins +7000
  • Buffalo Bills +10000
  • Chicago Bears +10000
  • Cincinnati Bengals +10000
  • Cleveland Browns +10000
  • New York Jets +10000