Super Bowl LV Odds, Favorite, Sharp, Long Shot Picks

Super Bowl LV Odds, Favorite, Sharp, Long Shot Picks

The biggest sports spectacle in the world may be months away, but here’s a look at the current Super Bowl LV odds, favorites, sharp and long shot picks.

Super Bowl LV Betting Favorite: Kansas City Chiefs +575

There’s not a lot to dislike about the defending champs. Kansas City appears loaded on both sides of the football. Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in the NFL. Sounds crazy, but Patrick hasn’t peaked. We mustn’t forget that this season will be Mahomes’ third as a starter. He could actual be better in 2020 than he was in 2019.

The Chiefs’ defense could also improve. KC allowed 349.6 yards per. 17 teams ranked ahead of Kansas City in yards allowed each game. KC gave up 128.2 yards per on the ground. That ranked 26-of-32 teams. 

A chance to improve doesn’t mean improvement is imminent, though. No team has repeated as Super Bowl champs since the Patriots in 2004 and 2005. The Chiefs could do it, but at the odds, are they worth a wager? Nope.

The Sharp Super Bowl LV Pick: New Orleans Saints +1125

Every year, the Saints rock it during the regular season. 2019 was no different. Also every year, the Saints find a way to lose in the playoffs. This past postseason had to have disappointed. New Orleans bowed out during Wildcard Weekend.

But, no team offers more justifiable odds to win the Super Bowl than the New Orleans Saints. Quarterback Drew Brees returns. Brees threw for 3,992 yards, completed 74.4% of his passes, and had a 32 TD to 5 INT ratio. He dominated from Week 1 on. Until Drew slows down, there’s no reason to believe the Saints should go with a different signal-caller.

On the defensive side, New Orleans produced the fourth-best unit against the rush. Opponents averaged 91.3 rushing yards per versus the Saints. Great offense, good defense, and a great coach makes the Saints a contender. What makes them the smart play are the +1125 odds.  

The Popular Long Shot Super Bowl Pick: Buffalo Bills +3750

Buffalo’s odds to win the Super Bowl make them the top overlay. The Bills allowed 298.3 yards per. That ranked third in the league. The defense rocks. The offense needs some work. But the Bills could be much improved on that side of the football.

Josh Allen didn’t light anybody up last season. He doesn’t have to light anybody up this season. What he must do is improve his pass completion percentage from 52.8%. He must also improve his TD to INT ratio. In 2019, it was 10 touchdowns to 12 picks. Any improvement on the offensive side of the football makes +3750 a gift. Don’t look past Buffalo to shock the world.  

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The NFL Draft will NOT be postponed and to celebrate let's take a look at the top 5 NFL Draft betting props.

Don’t Sleep On These 5 NFL Draft Props

The NFL Draft will NOT be postponed and to celebrate let’s take a look at the top 5 NFL Draft betting props.

Top 5 NFL Draft Betting Props

J. Okudah drafted #3 overall +160
J. Okudah not drafted #3 overall -195

The Detroit Lions pick third. Some NFL Draft prognosticators believe the Lions trade down. But it won’t happen. The Lions’ current starting corners are Desmond Trufant and Justin Coleman. Neither has the skills that former Ohio State player Jeff Okudah possesses. You don’t pass up on a shutdown corner if you allowed 400.4 total yards per game the season before.

J. Herbert second quarterback drafted +490
Any other quarterback drafted second -775

Tagovailoa has had 2 ankles surgeries and hip surgery. He’s suffered a broken nose and a concussion. That’s bad news for Tua and any team that drafts him. NFL players are faster, bigger, and hit harder. 

Herbert has a huge shot to become the second quarterback drafted. He’s got sparkling measurements: 6’ 6”, 236 lbs, with 10-inch hands. The former Oregon signal-caller can make all the throws. He must work on some things, but his sturdiness makes him a much better pick than Tagovailoa. 

T. Tagovailoa drafted #6 overall +1200
T. Tagovailoa not drafted #6 overall -2250

The Los Angeles Chargers draft sixth. If the Miami Dolphins take Herbert fifth, the Chargers will draft Tua sixth. LAC needs a quarterback. Although Tua is injury-prone, the Bolts will take a shot. 

D. Swift first running back drafted -150
Any other running back drafted first +120

Swift is a bad pick to be the first ball-carrier taken. No doubt, he’s got the skills to get it done at the pro level. The problems? He has a low-carries per fumble mark, doesn’t have home run speed, and doesn’t use his hands when he blocks.

J. Jeudy first wide receiver drafted +115
Any other wide receiver drafted first -145

Most consider the top 3 wide receivers in this draft class to be Jerry Jeudy, CeeDee Lamb, and Henry Ruggs III. Jeudy and Ruggs III played for Alabama. Lamb played for Oklahoma.

Ruggs III is the fastest. Henry ran a 4.27 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine. But, he’s the smallest at 5’ 11”. CeeDee Lamb is the biggest at 6’ 2”. He ran a 4.5 40-yard dash. That won’t cut it. 

That leaves us with Jeudy. Jump on the +115. The Crimson Tide prospect is the best route runner of the top 3 wide receiver prospects. That’s enough of a reason to make him the first WR off the board.

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Odds To Win The NFC Conference 2020

Odds To Win The NFC Conference 2020

The biggest free agency moves are done. Next is the NFL draft. But before then you get a chance at betting on who will win the AFC and NFC Conferences.

2020 Odds To Win The NFC Conference

The Betting Favorite To Win The NFC: San Francisco 49ers +450

This season, no doubt, the San Francisco 49ers should offer favorite’s odds to win the NFC. San Francisco had Super Bowl rings on their collective fingers before a bit of Mahomes’ magic led to those precious baubles falling off their digits.

But that’s in the past. This season, the 49ers should be just as good as they were last season. The entire squad returns. They should also be hungrier now that they’ve lost a Super Bowl. But being hungry doesn’t mean you’re going to eat. Remember the Atlanta Falcons? They also knocked on the door to a Super Bowl title. What has happened to the ATL since then is sad.

San Francisco could have a similar Super Bowl loss hangover. Why? Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo melted the way the Wicked Witch did after a bucket of water. Once Steve Spagnuolo called up blitzes, Jimmy G. folded.

That’s a bad sign. It’s also a blueprint. Blitz Jimmy and he crumbles. Don’t think for a moment that every defensive coordinator in the NFC doesn’t know that. Back San Francisco at your own peril.

The Smart Pick To Win The NFC: L.A. Rams +1300

In the NFC, it’s all about decent odds. That’s why the Saints are a smart bet to win the Super Bowl. They offer great odds to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. New Orleans offers awful odds to win the NFC.

The Rams don’t. Los Angeles started last season a favorite to win the Super Bowl. They had a terrible 2019. But this squad has talent across the board. The single thing they must do is shore up the offensive line. Sean McVay knows this. Expect L.A. to put together a line that keeps Jared Goff upright and opens holes for Todd Gurley.

The schedule is tough. But if the Rams can get through their first 8 games with a 5-3 record, they could win the deep NFC West. That’s all it might take for LAR to return to the Super Bowl.

The Longshot To Win The NFC: Arizona Cardinals +2500

On March 16, the Cardinals pulled off a shocking trade. They unloaded hard playing, oft-injured RB David Johnson for the best wide receiver in the NFL, DeAndre Hopkins.

That’s the thing about the NFL. A single move can catapult you from doormat to Super Bowl contender. Arizona might not qualify as a real Super Bowl contender. They shouldn’t offer +2000 odds to win the NFC, though.

The offense will dominate. Quarterback Kyler Murray threw for 3,722 yards, completed 64.4% of his passes, and had a 20 TD to 12 INT ratio as a rookie. He rushed for 544 yards and a 5.8 per carry average. He’ll improve because now he can throw to DeAndre.

RB Kenyan Drake averaged 5.2 yards per carry and caught 28 passes in 8 games. If the defense gels, AZ can upset everyone on their way to the NFC title.

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