Early 2017 Kentucky Derby Win-Place-Show Picks

2016 Kentucky Derby Post Positions & Morning Line Odds

Let’s start the wagering.

2016 Kentucky Derby Post Positions & Morning Line Odds

What: 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby
Who: Grade 1 stakes race for 3-year-olds
When: Saturday, May 7, 2016
Post Time: 6:34 PM ET
Where: Louisville, KY
Track: Churchill Downs
Watch: NBC – Kentucky Derby Undercard 12-4 p.m
Live Derby Coverage 4-7 p.m.
Stream: NBC Sports Live

  1. Trojan Nation (50-1)
  2. Suddenbreakingnews (20-1)
  3. Creator (10-1)
  4. Mo Tom (20-1)
  5. Gun Runner (10-1)
  6. My Man Sam (20-1)
  7. Oscar Nominated (50-1)
  8. Lani (30-1)
  9. Destin (15-1)
  10. Whitmore (20-1)
  11. Exaggerator (8-1)
  12. Tom’s Ready (30-1)
  13. Nyquist (3-1)
  14. Mohaymen (10-1)
  15. Outwork (15-1)
  16. Shagaf (20-1)
  17. Mor Spirit (12-1)
  18. Majesto (30-1)
  19. Brody’s Cause (12-1)
  20. Danzing Candy (15-1)
March Madness Sportsbook Bonus Specials

March Madness Sportsbook Bonus Specials

The Tournament is fast approaching, and if you love sports betting, then there’s literally no better time of the year. It’s a lollapalooza of insanity and action with tons of games to bet on, so getting the most out of your hard earned money becomes paramount to the keen gambler. That’s why we offer a myriad of March Madness sportsbook bonus specials to make sure you can stretch that all mighty dollar and get the most bang for your buck. I’ve listed some of our best offers below, and if you want to see all of them just head right here.

Sportsbook Loyalty Deposit Bonus (NEW!)

As is always the case, loyalty has its upside. If you’ve made at least seven deposits in to your account between November 4th and April 7th, then the 8th deposit is free. So how does this offer work? Simple – we’ll add up your last seven deposits, subtract net losses in poker and sports and average out that number to determine how much you get on your free loyalty deposit bonus. To find out more about this offer, click here to read up on all the juicy details!

Cash Back Bonus

Sometimes you take a bad beat, or lady luck just doesn’t fall your way. We understand that, which is why we created our incredible Cash Back Bonus program. This allows you to recover up to 20% of your net losses as a one time bonus, 15% every 30 days or 10% once per week. Obviously, there are some rules to this program but it’s well worth it and helps you cover all your bases while you stretch the value of your dollar. Considering the amount of games that are available for the NCAA tournament, it’s one of the best March Madness sportsbook bonus specials out there. Check out our cash back bonus page to find out more about this amazing offer!

Re-Up Bonuses

Our standard despot bonuses are still amongst the best in the industry. You can receive up to $500 in freeplay to use in the sportsbook depending on how much you load up your account with. As long as your eligible for bonus, then you’ll get free play every time you deposit! We also have a great Matchplay Casino bonus that gives you up to 33%, which is a great way to burn time between March Madness games if you need a bit of a sportsbook breather. Check out all of our free play details here.

Free Payout Bonus Program

Get your money in quickly and get it out just as fast…and for free. Our free payout bonus program is for the type of no-nonsense gambler that just wants to keep things simple. Deposit whatever you’d like for March Madness, bet the action as you see fit and then apply for your free payout! It’s that easy. If you choose to stay and play with us for longer, then you still get your free payout once every 30 days. Unfortunately, this program voids all other bonus opportunities, but if you want to make your betting experience3 with us as bare bones as possible then this is the March Madness sportsbook bonus special for you. Click here for more details!

Top Super Bowl 48 Sportsbook Bonuses and Promos

Top Super Bowl 48 Sportsbook Bonuses and Promos

If you’ve been scouring the internet for the top Super Bowl 48 sportsbook bonuses and promos then look no further.

With the Conference Champions decided, the biggest spectacle in sports is bringing the Seahawks of Seattle and the Broncos of Denver head-to-head at MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2nd at 6:30pm. This game will pit the best NFL offense of all time against the a defense aptly named "The Legion of Boom".

With that in mind, we here at SportBet will offer you the best bonuses and the most profitable promos you can find. These are some of our finest rewards programs leading up to Super Bowl 48, and don’t forget that our standard re-up bonus is still in play for eligible clients.

$520 New Player Bonus

Those of you that are new to sports betting are entitled to a 50% bonus on your initial deposit up to $400, providing you with a hefty $200 free-play. However if you deposit in excess of $400 you can get an additional 20% free-play bonus! Deposits of $500 will get an additional $220 in free-play all the way up to a $2000 deposit for $520. That’s a lot of extra cheddar to toss on your betting sandwich for newcomers to the game and we promise it’s one of the top Super Bowl 48 sportsbook bonuses and promos you’ll find on the market.

For additional details, please click here . And if you’ve been playing with us for quite some time and are wondering where your rewards are, keep reading!

NEW Loyalty Deposit Bonus

As is usually the case, loyalty has its rewards and this one is an absolute doozy. If you’ve been betting with SportBet since November 4th, you’re 8th and 9th deposit will be taken care of…by us! Sounds too good to be true, right? Well it isn’t. If you’ve made at least seven deposits between November 4th and February 2nd, you’re eighth and ninth will be on the house. We’ll add your last seven deposits, subtract any losses from sports and poker and then average all that out for your free loyalty deposit bonus. For more details, visit our LIVE CHAT agents or click here to read more!


Times can be tough, and sometimes you take a bad beat in the sportsbook. It happens to all of us. I lost my shirt last weekend during the championship round. But that doesn’t mean that you’re fresh out of options. With our Cash Back Bonus, you can enjoy one of the top Super Bowl 48 sportsbook bonuses and promos around by recovering up to 20% of your losses. The amount you recoup depends on the program that you select. Click here for more details and make sure to contact us to get all the juicy details.


Sometimes you just want to get your money in and your money out without any fuss right? Well if you’re the type of straight shooter I think you are then our Free Payout Bonus program is ideal for you. This gives you one free payout every month depending on the method (up to a $40 value) and though it voids any other promotions we have, it’s ideal for the type of player that just wants to make things as simple as possible. Getting your money out quickly, safely and cost-effectively is what we do.

If you’re interested in all of our top Super Bowl 48 sportsbook bonuses and promos, click here.

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