The Match Tiger/Peyton vs Phil/Brady Odds & Analysis

The Match Tiger/Peyton vs Phil/Brady Odds & Analysis

Get ready for a super-sized MATCH this year with Tiger Woods teaming up with Peyton Manning and Phil Mickelson teaming up with Tom Brady for a made for betting event.

Tiger/Peyton Are -200 Betting Favorites To Win

Tiger. Woods spent the past couple of years perfecting a new swing. He was ready to unleash at the Masters in April. Woods must feel he can win. If he didn’t, he’d have put the kibosh on this before it got legs. Also, Tiger is motivated. Phil beat him in the last head-to-head. 

But that’s not the only reason to like Tiger. Peyton is a good golfer. That’s the real reason these two are favored over Lefty and Terrific Tom.

Phil/Brady’s Moneyline Betting Odds Are +160 To Win

Phil has history on his side. A couple of years ago, Tiger was favored over Lefty in the Match at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas. After 18-holes, the pair were tied. Mickelson beat Woods in extra holes. If Phil beat Tiger once, he can beat him again. 

Not only that, but like Peyton, Tom is also a good golfer. Brady won’t hurt Phil’s chances of beating Tiger in a repeat. That’s all a pro can ask for when they pair with an amateur.

The Match Tiger/Peyton vs Phil/Brady Betting Analysis

On paper, Tiger and Peyton look like obvious winners.  Peyton shoots around 80. He’s a member of both Augusta National and Cherry Hills in Denver. Manning also has a big advantage over Brady. While Tom has played in the NFL the last few seasons, Peyton has had a chance to work on his game in between Nationwide Insurance commercial shoots.

Manning won’t be the problem if Tiger and Peyton lose. We expect Peyton to shoot around an 80. That’s what he’ll shoot no matter the course. For this team, Tiger could be the problem.

If the tournament happens at a Florida course, then, yes, Tiger has an advantage. But 

Tiger must play up to his best. He doesn’t often go into a tournament cold and perform well. Not only that but before the shutdown Tiger wasn’t 100% sure he’d be ready for the Masters. As crazy as it sounds, Mickelson might be in better golf shape. 

Last July, Mickelson decided to change his lifestyle. He ate better and exercised. Results didn’t happen until the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am this year where Phil finished third. He missed the cut in the next couple of tournaments. Then came the sports shutdown.

The missed cuts shouldn’t worry you. Mickelson doesn’t play for a paycheck. He plays to get ready for the big tournaments. If this happens, Lefty will be at his best. 

Like we wrote above, don’t worry about Terrific Tom. The GOAT won’t allow Manning to outplay him in a game of hopscotch. Why would he allow him to outplay him on the golf course? The odds say Tiger and Peyton are the favorites. But Lefty and Terrific Tom are the team to back.