2017 Kentucky Derby Superfecta Pick

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2017 Kentucky Derby Superfecta Pick

One of the hardest horse racing bets to hit is the superfecta. Trying to find the winner of a race is hard enough. Trying to find the second place horse is harder. The third place horse? Yeah, good luck with that!

With the superfecta, you’re trying to find the first place, second place, third place, and fourth place horse. The superfecta for the 2017 Kentucky Derby could pay over $5,000 for $1. Check out the superfecta I plan on playing this Saturday!

What is a superfecta bet?

A superfecta is the granddaddy of Kentucky Derby bets, forcing you to pick the first four finishers in order, but by boxing your selections, they can finish in any combination. This also allows you to choose more than four runners, for an increased cost, of course.

2017 Kentucky Derby Superfecta Pick

2017 Kentucky Derby Superfecta Key Horse:  17-Irish War Cry

The horse that gets the best trip a lot of times wins the Kentucky Derby. Irish War Cry isn’t a lock. But, it’s awesome when you can make your key horse an animal that’s 6 to 1 on the morning line. Who knows?  I might get lucky and Irish War Cry goes off at 8 to 1. In any case, since he’s my key horse in all my other exotic plays, there’s no reason to not make him my key horse in my superfecta play.

2017 Kentucky Derby Superfecta Place Horses

  • 8-Hence – Like I’ve already written, this guy’s got a great shot of upsetting the field and winning the garland of roses on May 6. I can only afford to play the superfecta with 1 key horse. If I put Irish War Cry on top, I can’t put Hence on top.
  • 11-Battle of Midway – If he and Irish War Cry decide to both relax on the lead, who knows? This is especially true since both Battle of Midway and Irish War Cry have shown that they can stalk the pace. What it means is that they could get lucky, and get away with a :48 half-mile.
  • 14-Classic Empire – The two-year-old champ is deserving of some respect. If his mind is on racing, a big if, he could pummel these.

2017 Kentucky Derby Superfecta Show Horses

  • 2-Thunder Snow – I’ve got the feeling he’s going to outrun his odds. Godolphin doesn’t spend money sending horses to the United States to have them run off the board.
  • 5-Always Dreaming – Yeah, I know. I left the sharps’ horse out of the place slot. Eh, you can’t put them all in. Plus, Todd Pletcher’s record in the Kentucky Derby isn’t that great. 
  • 8-Hence
  • 11-Battle of Midway
  • 14-Classic Empire
  • 15-McCraken – He loves Churchill Downs. His dad, Ghostzapper, won the 1 ÂĽ mile Breeders’ Cup Classic. He finished third in the Bluegrass off an injury. There’s a lot to like about McCraken.
  • 19-Practical Joke – He could be coming up to the best race in his form cycle. It might not be good enough to win. I’ll take a third place finish.

2017 Kentucky Derby Superfecta Fourth Place Horses

  • 1-Lookin At Lee – Grinders like Lookin At Lee almost never win the Derby. The last to do so was Giacomo in 2005. I don’t have enough money allotted to my superfecta to put Lookin At Lee in third place. But, I can’t leave him out of fourth place.
  • 2-Thunder Snow
  • 5-Always Dreaming
  • 7-Girvin – If it weren’t for the quarter-crack, I’d have him in my third slot on my superfecta ticket. I don’t think he’s totally gotten over the injury. Not just that, but this is the Kentucky Derby. Injured horses don’t win it.
  • 8-Hence
  • 10-Gunnevera – His closing kick is better than Lookin At Lee’s and Sonneteer’s. But, he’s also going to have to navigate around 20 other horses. Well, at least 18 if he’s in front of Lookin At Lee and Sonneteer. That’s going to be tough.
  • 11-Battle of Midway
  • 12-Sonneteer – He’s just like Lookin At Lee. If he gets the better trip, he could finish fourth.
  • 14-Classic Empire
  • 15-McCraken
  • 18-Gormley – The hardest trying horse in the race could burn my ticket by finishing third or even second. I can’t leave him off the superfecta. So, I’m hoping he finishes no better than fourth.
  • 19-Practical Joke
  • 20-Patch – Man, if he didn’t have to break from post-position 20, I’d probably have him at least in the third place slot. He’s rapidly improving, is lightly raced, and is bred to run all day. Oh, yes, Todd Pletcher trains him, which means he should put forth a nice effort.

My Winning 2017 Kentucky Derby Superfecta Bet

I’m not playing a saver superfecta. In 2015, Churchill Downs decided to make the minimum for the superfecta $1. It costs too much to play a saver superfecta.

$1 Superfecta
17 w/8,11,14 w/2,5,8,11,14,15,19 w/1,2,5,7,8,10,11,12, 14,15,19, 20

Superfecta Cost = $150