Welcome to the 2014 MLB World Series Beard Challenge

If Baseball Beards Decided The 2014 World Series!

Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Pre Halloween Diets.

And World Series Beards!

It’s October. It’s baseball in October. For the whole month I have the same feeling in my stomach as I did when I watched "The Field of Dreams" for the first time.

Because it’s baseball.

The San Francisco Giants are even money to win the 2014 World Series after defeating the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 5 of the National League Championship Series on Thursday night.

The Giants now travel to Kanas City to face the Royals who have every one who has ever loved an underdog story cheering for them. The Kansas City Royals are listed at 5/6 to beat the Giants in this best of seven series. Click here for more MLB World Series odds.

Now to show you we don’t take things too seriously, we are deciding the winner of the 2014 World Series based on the projected starters beards!

That’s right. Their BEARDS!

Welcome to the 2014 MLB World Series Beard Challenge

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An earlier version of the infographic incorrectly referred to the Kansas City Royals as the Chiefs. We will punish the intern responsible for this egregious error accordingly. I hope I spelled all of that correctly.

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