2016 MLB World Series Odds

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2016 MLB World Series Odds

World Series Odds are out! I’ve categorized each team based on their odds and chances to win the 2016 World Series. There are only 6 teams that qualify as contenders while there are 9 teams that Have a Shot. Keep reading for my take for every team’s chances to win the 2016 MLB World Series! 

Contenders To Win The 2016 World Series

  • Chicago Cubs 4/1 – Great starting rotation and the best manager in baseball makes the Cubbies the big favorite to win the World Series in 2016.
  • Los Angeles Dodgers 10/1 – The rotation is deep enough to warrant consideration.
  • Houston Astros 10/1 – 10 to 1 odds make the ‘Stros an overlay. The rotation might be the best in baseball after it added Doug Fister.
  • Boston Red Sox 12/1 – I like the addition of David Price into the rotation, but it’s a huge leap to go from cellar dweller to World Series champs.
  • New York Mets 12/1 – DeGrom, Syndergaard and the Dark Knight , Matt Harvey, means these guys could romp in the NL East.
  • San Francisco Giants 12/1 – The Giants have won the World Series in every even year since 2010. I’m jumping on the G-Men at those odds.

Have a Shot To Win The 2016 World Series

  • Toronto Blue Jays 14/1 – Marcus Stroman is going to show why the Blue Jays weren’t worried about resigning David Price.
  • New York Yankees 14/1 – When nobody pays attention to the Yankees, is when the Yankees come up big.
  • Washington Nationals 14/1 – Based on the odds they have a shot. Personally, I don’t believe that they do.
  • Cleveland Indians 16/1 – Like the Nationals, the Indians are in the Have a Shot category strictly because of their odds.  
  • St. Louis Cardinals 18/1 – The Cardinals have a shot to win the World Series every year. So, 18 to 1 make them an overlay.
  • Texas Rangers 18/1 – They might take a step back. Cole Hamels has been pitching in the Majors for a while.
  • Pittsburgh Pirates 18/1 – At 18 to 1, they deserve a look. But, their ace is already complaining about how much money he’s making this season and we’re barely into March.
  • Kansas City Royals 18/1 – The odds are nice on the Royals to repeat. They’re pretty much the same team from last season’s World Series winning squad.

So You Say They Have A Chance To Win The 2016 World Series

  • Arizona Diamondbacks 30/1 – I love the Diamondbacks starting rotation. They’re the team to back based on the odds.
  • Los Angeles Angels 30/1 – The Angels still have a powerful batting lineup.
  • Detroit Tigers 30/1 – I’m predicting that the Tigers’ odds to win the World Series fall big time after the first month of the regular season.
  • Chicago White Sox 30/1 – Truth be told, I’d make them 50 to 1 to win the World Series. I’m not biting. 

Need A Miracle To Win The 2016 World Series

  • Seattle Mariners 40/1 – I just don’t see it. I’d consider at 60 to 1.
  • Tampa Bay Rays 40/1 – 40 to 1 on the Rays makes them an overlay. The rotation, headed by Chris Archer, could be a huge surprise this season.
  • Minnesota Twins 40/1 – I might bite at 50 to 1 or higher.

No Shot To Win The 2016 World Series

  • Baltimore Orioles 60/1 – The rotation isn’t good enough for the Orioles to win the AL.
  • Miami Marlins 80/1 – The odds should be 100 to 1.
  • Oakland Athletics 100/1 – Don’t even consider until the odds drift to 130 to 1.
  • San Diego Padres 100/1 – Their ace appears to be breaking down. Really?  Only 100 to 1?
  • Milwaukee Brewers 200/1 – The Brewers have no shot.
  • Colorado Rockies 200/1 – The Rockies have no shot.
  • Cincinnati Reds 300/1 – At 500 to 1, the Reds are an underlay.  
  • Philadelphia Phillies 500/1 – The Phillies might actually deserve a look at 500 to 1. Just study the rotation for a bit and see what you think.
  • Atlanta Braves 500/1 – At 1000 to 1, Atlanta might still be an underlay. That’s how bad they are.