Odds & Picks To Win The World Series

2019 MLB World Series Odds & Picks

Summer 2019 is here making it a perfect time to take a look at the 2019 MLB World Series betting odds and betting favorite, smart, and long-shot picks.

2019 MLB World Series Odds & Picks

World Series Betting Favorite: L.A. Dodgers +320

The Dodgers have won the National League the past couple of seasons. This season, they appear to have their best chance of taking the Fall Classic. The reason? The Dodgers rank first in Team ERA at 3.20. Los Angeles boasts two shut down pitchers in Clayton Kershaw and Hyun-Jin Ryu.

Kershaw has a 7-1 record, a 2.85 ERA, and allows a .269 on-base percentage. Ryu has a 9-1 record, a 1.27 ERA, and allows a .225 on-base percentage. Both have pitched well at home and on the road.

Not only do the Dodgers have a great starting rotation, but they also boast a strong batting line-up. The Dodgers hit .267 as a team. That ranks fourth in Major League Baseball. Although L.A. appears strong, there is one area where they suffer.

It’s the same area from last season. Los Angeles ranks twelfth in bullpen ERA. Los Angeles’ relievers have allowed 111 earned run and 34 home runs off 198 hits. A struggling L.A. bullpen is the reason Los Angeles lost the World Series last year. The same could happen this year even if the Dodgers look stronger. 

World Series Smart Betting Pick: Houston Astros +410

Houston is the second choice on the board. They should probably be the first choice. Right now, Houston is 7 games ahead of the Texas Rangers in the AL West Division. Houston has what every baseball manager dreams of,  a great starting rotation, a great batting lineup, and a great bullpen.

Houston bats .267 as a team. That ranks third in MLB. Houston’s starting rotation ranks fourth in MLB with a 3.72 Team ERA. The Astros also have a strong bullpen. The ERA is 3.73. Houston has played so well this year that even as the second choice, they’re the smart bet.

Back the Astros before the odds dive in the second half of the season.

World Series Long Shot Betting Pick: Tampa Bay Rays +1550

For most of the season, up until mid-June, the Tampa Bay Rays led Major League Baseball in both Team ERA and Bullpen ERA. They’re still pretty good in both areas. Rays’ starters have a 3.27 Team ERA. That’s excellent. It only trails the Dodgers.

Rays’ relievers boast a 3.66 ERA. That only trails Cleveland and Cincinnati. Tampa Bay ranks eleventh in team batting average at .257. They must pick their bats up. If the Rays can do it, they can catch New York and win the AL East. Then, things become interesting because they’ll have an advantage with both their starters and bullpen in the playoffs.

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