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Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game is on July 12. That’s more than a month away meaning that it’s good time to think about who in the AL has been playing well enough for MVP consideration. As baseball future bettors, we want to get our bets down before the All-Star Game. The worst is when we get shut out from great odds because we waited too long.

Keep reading to find out who you should bet on to win the MLB American League MVP honors this season. Click here if you want to see the NL MVP Odds.

MLB American League MVP Odds

The Favorites To Win The 2016 American League MVP: Manny Machado & Mike Trout +300

Baltimore’s Manny Machado and the Los Angeles Angels Mike Trout are the favorites at +300. Both guys have had terrific 2016’s so far this season. Machado in particular has been impressive. From 207 at-bats, Machado has 13 home runs, is batting .314, and has 31 RBIs. His OPB is .384. His SLG is .604. Machado has scored 38 runs.

Trout has 12 home runs, a .313 batting average, 40 RBIs and has scored 38 runs. He’s got a .416 OBP and a .564 SLG. Trout has better stats from less at-bats than Machado as of June 1, 195 to 207. Plus, Trout has 7 stolen bases while Machado has 0. But, the Angels are in last place in the AL West, 7 games behind the Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners, while Baltimore is only 2 games behind the Boston Red Sox. It’s a tough call if you like either one of the favorites.

The Smart Bet To Win The 2016 American League MVP: Xander Bogaerts +900

The Boston Red Sox shortstop doesn’t hit for power. No worries. He still has 6 home runs from 222 at-bats as of June 2. He also has a .347 batting average. Bogaerts has driven in 30 runs while scoring 42. Like Trout, he has 7 stolen bases as of June 2. Unlike Trout, Bogaerts plays for a winning team. As of June 1, the Red Sox are 32 and 21. They have the best record in the American League.

The 2016 Longshot Bet To Win The American League MVP: David Ortiz +1200

Its David Ortiz’s last season. Big Papi has been absolutely brilliant for the Red Sox during his career. He could end up in the hall of fame at some point in the future. Since this is Ortiz’s last season, a lot of baseball fans and writers are going to want to give him the AL MVP. It helps that Ortiz is having one of the best seasons of his career. He already has 15 home runs even though he’s only stepped to the plate 180 times. Not only that, but Ortiz is batting .339. He’s driven in 48 runs and has scored 27. Ortiz has even stolen a base. Don’t look past Big Papi to take home the AL MVP in 2016.

2016 American League MVP Betting Odds

  • Manny Machado +300
  • Mike Trout +300
  • Robinson Cano +700
  • Jose Altuve +900
  • Xander Bogaerts +900
  • Miguel Cabrera +1000
  • Josh Donaldson +1200
  • David Ortiz +1200
  • Jackie Bradley Jr +1200
  • Nelson Cruz +1200
  • Eric Hosmer +1800
  • Nomar Mazara +1800
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