The Best Baseball Teams To Bet On

The Best Baseball Teams To Bet On

Grading which the best baseball teams to bet on so early in April is a tough exercise because we’re literally making educated guesses. The simplest, and easiest, way to bet on baseball is to back starting pitching. The other way? Bet the hot hand. I’ve presented you three teams that are worth having faith in until the dust settles from opening day. 

Quick note: I’m staying away from Toronto (baaaaad pitching and horrible mojo), the Dodgers (don’t trust ‘em) and Texas (new lineup) until I have more information available. I urge you to do the same.

The Best Baseball Teams To Bet On

Detroit Tigers

With Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer and Anibal Sanchez leading the way, the Detroit Tigers boast the best starting pitching in the league by a country mile. That being said, they do play in the hard-hitting American League so there is a bit of turndown of value there but that’s generally built in to the line. Verlander and Scherzer are virtually automatic bets, and considering how well Sanchez came on at the end of last year, it’s hard to bet against him either.

Detroit lost some bats this off-season, but gained one notable addition in Ian Kinsler who’s already socked a home run. With a set of home games this week, Detroit’s moneyline value isn’t going to be great and their runline value isn’t worth broaching until we see what the new offense is capable of. But if you know anything about the 162-game grind that is baseball gambling, then you’re well aware that a team like Detroit is one of the best baseball teams to bet on no matter what the circumstances are. You can carve out profits all the way through spring with these guys, especially in road games next week.

Upcoming Games: vs. Kansas City (4/3), vs. Baltimore (4/4 – 4/6), @ LA (4/8)

Washington Nationals

The Nationals are already off to a hot start, winning 9-7 on the read against the Mets in their season opener. They’ll continue that series this week, before hosting Atlanta the rest of the way. On paper, Washington is one of the strongest assemblies in the National League and as is always the case at the onset of the season, they’re one of the best baseball teams to bet on simply by virtue of their starting pitcher. Rafael Soriano may not be worth $11.7M but he’s a strong arm in a weak league and is backed by Stephen Strasburg and the always cagey Gio Gonzalez and the underrated Jordan Zimmerman.

Where Washington falls short is later in the season where Starsburg’s arm falls off, or they hit a muddy streak or something weird happens. Until then, the Nationals are as automatic as it gets.

Upcoming Games: @ NYM (4/2, 4/3), vs. Atlanta (4/4 -4/6)

Seattle Mariners

As far as starting pitching goes, the Mariners don’t have much to speak of outside of King Felix Hernandez, but that’s besides the point. This week they’re travelling against the Angels and have hammered them 18-6 in two games. Brad Miller has two home runs, and Dustin Ackley is hitting an absurd .571 so far. Of course I don’t expect those numbers to last, but getting in early on a momentum play is way better than nothing. I want Seattle to succeed because their fans deserve it and the arrival of Robinson Cano at second base gives them the infield defense that they’ve sorely lacked. They’re not a great pitching team overall, but they’re not horrible and the offence can carry the burden in the process. That makes Seattle one of the best baseball teams to bet on for the time being.

Upcoming Games: @ LAA (4/2 – 4/3), @ Oakland (4/4 – 4/6)

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