MLB's Best Runline Betting Picks This Week

The Best Runline Betting Picks This Week

Tracking the MLB’s best runline betting picks this week continues to be a labor of love in the strangest of places. For me, the strongest plays on the board remain the Dodgers and Braves despite their public backing. Shockingly, I think it’s a good time to get invested in Pittsburgh, which is probably the last team you expected me to mention. Here are the matchups for the midweek.

This Week’s Runline Betting Picks

Los Angeles Dodgers @ Minnesota Twins (4/29 – 5/1)

This is a great time to buy in on the Dodgers. They’re coming off a rough performance against the punchy Colorado Rockies, and are now hitting the road this week against Minnesota and Miami. Some of the best times to bet a public team is in the midst of a losing streak, and the Dodgers are just 2-5 SU in their past 7 games.

As a road team, they’ll have a much more approachable value and offer a sweet return as one of MLB’s best runline betting picks this week. They did not play well against the Twins the last time they met, but their bats should wake up against Minnesota’s awful pitching and cruise to solid victories that get them back on top of the horse.

Atlanta Braves @ Miami Marlins (4/29 – 5/1)

The Atlanta Braves continue to be one of the best, outright money makers in the entirety of the majors. So if you’re not already backing them on your slip, you should get involved right away. They have +947 runline units so far this season, and are one of the best moneyline teams in the league. As a road play against Miami, they’ll have nominal value and the steep price you have to pay to reduce the risk with a +1.5 handicap is well worth it. Atlanta hasn’t lost by more than one run in their last ten games, and have gone a dizzying 7-3 SU in the process as well.

Pittsburgh Pirates @ Baltimore Orioles (4/29 – 4/30)

For the past two seasons, the Pirates have been an automatic play for me in baseball betting but this season they’ve had serious warts. Their pitching isn’t great, the public was behind them heavily at the onset and they don’t’ have the same championship mojo they had last year. Fortunately, a two game set against Baltimore might give them the life they need.

Nobody is betting on Pittsburgh right now because they’re just in a horrible way right now, but that’s usually a good time to buy low on the spread. Pittsburgh’s awful 2-8 SU stretch over their last 10 games should turn around as they visit the Orioles and face the Blue Jays this week so I’m willing to back them as one of MLB’s best runline betting picks this week as a potential buy-low candidate.

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