How To Bet The NY Mets vs LA Dodgers NLDS

How To Bet The NY Mets vs LA Dodgers NLDS

A classic series takes place in the National League Playoffs this week when the New York Mets battle the Los Angeles Dodgers. The surprise NL East winning Mets are similar to the Dodgers in that both squads rely on excellent pitching in order to win games.

The Dodgers were supposed to be here. L.A. was one of the favorites to win the World Series before the regular season started. Many thought the Mets would finish last in their division. Not only did they not finish last but they outfought the heavily favored Washington Nationals for the divisional crown. Can the Mets keep it going versus the team with the two best starting pitchers in baseball?

A Closer Look At How To Bet The New York Mets vs Los Angeles Dodgers MLB National League Series

Why the Mets Will Win the Series versus the Dodgers

The Mets don’t have a flashy batting line-up. The team only averages 4.17 runs per game. The batting average for the team is a paltry .244, ranking the Mets twenty-eighth in the BA category.

But, what the Mets do have is a slew of terrific pitchers. The overall team ERA is 3.45. Ace Jacob deGrom allows the Dodgers to bat .175 against him. He’s struck out 15 Dodger batters from 57 at-bats. In 22 at-bats versus Noah Syndergaard, the Dodgers have only 2 hits and have struck out 5 times for a .091 batting average.

The Mets’ bullpen got some help when management moved Jonathan Neise, a left-hander, into the bullpen. Neise is going to have to be huge during the playoffs. If he is, closer Jeuryis Familia should have no trouble shutting down the Dodgers in the ninth. Familia allows L.A. to bat .207.

Why the Dodgers Will win the Series versus the Mets

It’s hard to imagine two pitchers at the top of a rotation better than Clayton Kershaw and Zach Greinke. The beauty of the Dodgers’ situation with their two starters is that either go can be the ace. Manager Don Mattingly doesn’t have to rearrange his rotation in order to give Kershaw the start over Greinke or to give Greinke the start over Kershaw.

Both guys are amazing. Kershaw ended the season with a 2.13 ERA and a .88 WHIP. He holds the Mets to a .213 batting average. Greinke ended the season with a 1.66 ERA and a .84 WHIP. The Mets bat .222 against him.

As good as Greinke and Kershaw are, the only reliable arm in the Dodgers’ bullpen is Kenley Jansen. What it means is that Greinke and Kershaw will have to pitch late into games in order to set up Jansen. That should seriously affect the Dodgers in this matchup with the Mets. The mets are the play to move onto the NLCS. My final series prediction is Mets 3, Dodgers 1.   

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