Odds & Picks 2018 World Series

Odds & Picks 2018 World Series

October means it’s World Series time. The latest 2018 World Series odds are out and there are ten teams left. Let’s take a closer look at which of the remaining teams have the best shot at winning the 2018 World Series.

World Series Odds & Picks

  • Boston Red Sox +300
  • Houston Astros +340
  • Los Angeles Dodgers +850
  • Chicago Cubs +850
  • Cleveland Indians +900
  • New York Yankees +1000
  • Colorado Rockies +1025
  • Atlanta Braves +1300
  • Milwaukee Brewers +1300
  • Oakland Athletics +1800

The 2018 World Series Betting Favorite: Boston Red Sox +300, Houston Astros +340

It’s tough to talk bad about either the Red Sox or Astros. One thing to note, though, is that the Red Sox haven’t been hot in the final week of the MLB Regular Season. Boston went 4-6 in their last 10 before beating the Yankees 10-2 in their final regular season game.

Houston lost their final regular season game. The Astros stepped it up big time in the final month of the regular season, though. Houston now has the best bullpen in MLB. Astros relievers have a 3.03 team ERA. Houston’s relievers also have only pitched 499.2 innings, which means that the Astros’ starters pitch deep into games.

Boston’s been the best team this season, but Houston’s hot. Both deserve respect as favorites. But, I don’t like either to win the Fall Classic.

2018 World Series Smart Bet: Cleveland +900

Last season, the Tribe headed into the MLB Postseason a virtual lock to win the World Series. Cleveland failed miserably. This season, the Tribe’s been under the radar pretty much since early April. What’s crazy is that Cleveland sewed up the AL Central Division before the All-Star Break.

While Boston had to fight the New York Yankees to win the AL East and Houston had to fight the Oakland Athletics to win the AL West, Cleveland got the chance to rest up for the postseason. The Tribes’ starting rotation should keep them in most games against the Houston Astros in the AL Divisional Playoffs.

If Cleveland beats Houston, they can beat the Red Sox.

World Series Betting Longshot Bet: Atlanta Braves +1300

If Atlanta wins the NL Pennant, it won’t be the first time an under the radar team that had no shot of making the playoffs before the season started winds up in the World Series. Atlanta’s got a decent rotation led by Mike Foltynewicz and his 3.85 ERA. But, Foltynewicz isn’t the ATL’s best weapon.

Atlanta’s best weapon is manager Brian Snitker. Often in the playoffs, managing decisions mean a lot more than they do during the regular season. Just the fact that Atlanta won the NL East means that Snitker’s got a bead on how make those important in game managerial decisions. With Snitker calling the shots, Atlanta could upset any team in the NL.

Should Atlanta win the NL Pennant, is it that hard to believe Atlanta upsets the AL Pennant winner in the World Series?

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