St. Louis Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

One Of Them Will Have To Lose This Game

The Cardinals and the Pirates are the two teams that I have to admit look the best so far. They both have played very well in their season openers with a strong offensive mindset, minimal errors as well as a defense that moves well and has great chemistry. This is the first of a three game series so I´m sure a few of our questions will get answered here in game one. Both of these teams are post season franchises from last season.

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
The St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates go head-to-head in a rivalry game this Friday Night in baseball action.
Starts: 04/04/2014 7:10PM
PNC Park, 115 Federal Street


The Cardinals are sending Miller to open against Pittsburgh. The Pirates are considered one of the best hitting teams in the League and Miller is known for his 96 mph fast ball as well as the ability to hit the change up and breaking ball late in his pitch count. This team will need to relax on offense, if the ball is not there they need to stop trying to force it. Playing in Pittsburgh, especially these days is anything but easy but they will have to overcome all that to be successful in this series.

The Pirates have gone from Americans most hated team and franchise to one of the more loved, this team has really turned things around behind outfielder and MVP Andrew McCutchen. He is not the answer to all their issues, they have to pace themselves at the plate, they need to stop forcing the hit . I think that they come into this game a work for the win because of their amazing fan base.

Pick: My pick in this game is the Pirates, they are faster and playing at home for certain teams just really does give them that boost. The Pirates at -135 seems like a great one to take.

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