Seattle Feels Like They Got The Player Of The Future

This is a four game series between these two as they set to face off early in the season. the Mariners are coming off a great opening series to the Angles where they stole the first two games with their defense more than anything. Oakland really stood out in their spring training but really did not transfer well to their season opener as they lost to the Indians by shutout.

Seattle Mariners vs. Oakland Athletics
The Seattle Mariners and the Oakland Athletics hit the diamond this Friday in the first week of the 2014 MLB season.
Starts: 04/04/2014 10:00PM Coliseum, 7000 Coliseum Way


Seattle as well all know made that early huge offseason move to acquire ex-Yankee Robinson Cano, this catch seems to have breathed fresh air into the almost dying lungs of the Mariners. Seattle played great against the Angeles where they showed off their outfield defense as well as their closing pitching. Teams from around the League saw their closers get light up pitch after pitch, so Seattle is happy to not be in those talks. The Mariners need to do a better job at the plate, it seems they are a little too swing crazy as they have struck out 14 guys in their two opening games.

Oakland wants to build off the amazing season they had last year, they really showed fans what a team can do when they just really work together, no matter the money or anything else like that this Athletics team just really pulled together. They did not have a great night on the mount and their closers did not see much of the catcher’s glove. Oakland must be aggressive at the plate and really push the lead off distance as much as they feel comfortable.

Pick: the Mariners are -160 in this game and even though they are not at home they seem to have a little extra in their step, a good momentum vibe, I like the Mariners to win by 2 runs in this game.

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