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Tigers Would Love This Type Of Win

The season has yet to officially begin but this game has a lot riding on it based on reputation. For the last few season these two teams have had a pitch off in every game they have played, they really try to prove that they have the better pitching rotation but in the end the Tigers have prevailed. This Spring Training the Nationals have looked great currently 8-4 while the Tigers stand a game over .500. I think that we will see some of the best pitching as the regular season is just around the corner and both of these two would love one last win over the other.

Washington has been scoring and even more in their last 5 games ranking 15 th overall with 656 runs brought in. They do need to pick up their batting average which is around the .250 mark ranking them 17 th overall. Granted they are playing a lot more rookies then the regular season would have them doing but I think they need to be more aggressive at the plate and look for a few more activity.

Detroit has not made it final on who they will have pitching in this one but whether way the Nationals will be swinging away. The Tigers need to make their infield respond a little better, I have noticed that they have committed 4 un-forced errors in their last 3 games and it has coasted them a man on base every time.

Detroit will be the favorite in this one because no matter who they start will have an advantage but in the later innings I think Washington might have the advantage on defense. I like the Nationals in this one on the road.

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