MLB Picks June 5th-11th

Un-eventful Spring Training

Things are not looking any better for the all-star cast over in Toronto, with the roster that team put together last season it was expected that they would really make an impact in this League. Unfortunately they ended last in their conference and just could not seem to get any chemistry going. So far I see a lot of the same stuff as before, unforced errors and offensive double plays, when asked about it in the conference after the game there is always someone else to blame.

Baltimore Orioles vs. Toronto Blue Jays
1:05 PM ET, March 16, 2014
Florida Auto Exchange Stadium, Dunedin, Florida 

Baltimore knows the Blue Jays well, they beat them up a few times last season pretty bad. The Orioles have had a decent Spring Training they have worked a few options for their third baseman and a center fielder. They are pitching well and seem to be getting right back into the groove of things from ending last season off as hot as they did. Baltimore still needs to be more aggressive at the plate, they lead the ball too much allowing for good opposing pitchers to get them with their inside throws.

Toronto needs to starts scoring some runs and throwing some strikes. Their pitching rotation is not working and their closers are 1-3 so far. I was really expecting that by now this team might understand how much salary cap is invested in this team and even though a lot of these players are veterans they know the game and should be able to get by simply on defense. The Blue Jays will look to get a little more base stealing in while they have a chance to mess up and it really means nothing.

Baltimore is -205 in this exposition game down in Florida and I have the Orioles picking up right where they left off last season, being aggressive and really hitting the ball well. The Jays will try to keep up but I have them striking out too much because of their plate crowding abilities.

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