Updated Odds To Win The 2014 World Series

Updated Odds To Win The 2014 World Series

The front runners to win the 2014 World Series are obvious. The L.A Dodgers lead the market at +550, followed by the Detroit Tigers at +800 and St. Louis Cardinals at +900. Right now is the time when people start to tune in to baseball, and while there are plenty of teams on the board that have some enticing, updated odds, only the longshots have any serious value right now. Are there any teams worth throwing a flier at as we start up the preseason?

I’d say so. Getting ahead of the curve in MLB futures is what counts sometimes. I know this sounds ludicrous, but the Red Sox had unfathomable odds by the time the preseason kicked off in 2013. If you had gotten in early, then you would’ve cashed in huge. That’s what we’re trying to do here by sifting through the hay to find some golden needles.

The value on this usually starts at around 50-to-1 or +5000 and then goes up from there. The teams that range between +1000 to +3500 include clubs like Cincinnati, Atlanta and Pittsburgh and I prefer to think of this area of the board as no man’s land. There are a handful of bets that have bigger updated odds to win the 2014 World Series. The idea here is to anchor in on two or three bets that you like long term. If the odds improve as the team begins to show some dominance, then you can start investing a little bit more.

Here are three teams I like with big time betting odds for the gutsy, long term investor.

Updated Odds To Win The 2014 World Series

TORONTO BLUE JAYS (+5000 updated odds to win the World Series)

At this time last year, Toronto was an 8-to-1 favorite to win their first World Series since Joe Carter’s historic home run. After a myriad of injuries, and R.A. Dickey slamming head first in to the American League opposition, things began to unravel for the Jays. So why take them here? Because the payout on a world beating roster that improved its rotation on 50-to-1 odds here is ridiculously good. This roster is virtually the same as when it was valued as the favorite in 2013 except now they’ve had a year to fine tune things. The Jays could very well be the surprise team of 2014, so their World Series odds are definitely worth a long term buy.

CHICAGO WHITE SOX (+5000 updated odds to win the World Series)

Guys like Bryce Harper and Mike Trout ¬†come along every now and then and completely revolutionize the way a team competes. Could Cuba’s Jose Abreu be that guy? The thing is that Abreu is not alone. He’ll join a rotation involving Konerko and Dunn and is also flanked by the big bat of prospect Avisail Garcia who the club has high hopes for. The White Sox are often an afterthought in the big picture, but I wouldn’t ignore how much fun this team could be at the plate with all these newcomers. And it’s worth jumping on this bandwagon now in case they bust out of the gates with a spotlight stealing start.

SEATTLE MARINERS (+5000 updated odds to win the World Series)

The Seahawks won the Super Bowl. The team formerly known as the Sonics could win the NBA Championship. Could this just be Seattle’s year? They just signed Robinson Canoe, which means they might be in a position to move highly touted prospect Nick Franklin for more personnel that could help them now. Seattle has always been a team that has never seemed willing to spend the money, but with Cano’s arrival via a monumental contract, times could be changing for the much maligned fan base in Seattle and their updated odds to win the World Series reflect the potential here.

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